Breastfeeding, how and how much to store breast milk

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I reasons to gather e preserve il breast milk they can be many: the mum which goes back to work or need to hire some drugs that could to interfere with the quality of XNUMX cups milk; also an breast too full or, quite simply, the very healthy habit di go out every now and then with partner e to leave then the little one with grandparents or the tata.

To preserve il breast milk can be do, even if it is necessary that this is done in ways And in the times correct, so that it continues to represent thefood ideal of yours child. At temperature environment, breast milk it can be kept for 6 hours, after which it must be consumed immediately. Put it back in refrigerator right after you have it tight. At the temperature of 4°C (that of fridge precisely) is kept for maximum 5 days.

Don't put it in front office of the fridge (I learn it e closing it continuously, the cold it may not be constant e alter il XNUMX cups milk), but in the plus part cold. If you plan on not using it in 5 days, keep it in the freezer (-18 ° C): will remain intact to 6 months.

defrost il XNUMX cups milk mother, remove it from the freezer 24 hours before of when you need it for breastfeeding and leave it defrost in fridge. But if for some reason you have hurry, put the container under the jet di water of tap, cold o warm (in any case not exceeding 37%). Do not use water hot because it could change le property of XNUMX cups milk. Forbidden to defrost in forno a Microwave, on the fire or with water boiling.

The milk thawed it can no longer be refrozen: Yes preserve in the fridge for 24 hours if the container is closed, 12 hours if it was open. The warmed milk and not used it does not work date to baby, but here's how you can not waste it. Pour it intowater of bath: will make the skin soft and velvety.

for preserve il breast milk in refrigerator or in freezer you can use special ones containers or practical bags. Remember not to fill them completely, but only for two-thirds because, freezing, the XNUMX cups milk then expands. It is important to remember to put alabel with the date di extraction of XNUMX cups milk, so you will know regulate yourself for the "deadline".

Remember to use il XNUMX cups milk with the following order temporal: the colostrum in order of squeeze (so use before what you have collected later in the time e after that more recent); the XNUMX cups milk tight recently (4 hours) e not refrigerated; milk refrigerated; milk frozen in order of squeeze.

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