Breastfeeding, the example of Vip mothers

When you are talking about nursing and, in particular, of the one in public il debate not missing may. But when to talk about it is a new mother Vip, at the time of social, everything suddenly becomes more simple to explain. At least it seems so. There trend of mothers famous who decide to breastfeed al breast their small, in fact, it is increasingly in eye and the last to advertise this choice on their own profiles was the new mother Chiara Ferragni which, after posting the photo of delivery and of the little one Lion just came to the light, is delighting his follower with the first ones moments of small, moment by moment. And obviously also in the phase pre-during-post nursing

La Ferragni it is only the last in order of time between Vip, actresses of Hollywood e homegrown and also the supermodels of Victoria's Secret who let the world which means to grow up his small with milk mother. Before her they had done the tour of website the images of the super topmodel Gisele cuffs, immortalized while nursed his daughter Vivian and, in the meantime, he came rigged for a service photographic. Colleague of the former angel, too Candice swanepoel posted the photo of son Mother attached al breast along with a caption who remembers how much this gesture is natural

The actress Olivia Wilde he has published a great many Selfie and breastfeeding "his mate di drunk”, As he defined it Ironically daughter Daisy Josephine Sudeikis. Same music for the model Natalia Vodianova, Which has laid also for various riviste and breastfeeding al breast.

No last on this front the singer Alanis Morisette, great supporter dell 'nursing al breast, Which has participated also al documentary "The Milky Way". 

In el country among the most famous "testimonial"Dell 'nursing al breast model e attrice Sicilian Eva Rich, Which has nursed also from hairdresser, as it demonstrates proud la mum and with a photo on his social. Other mom top, the model Bianca baltic, face of the campaign of Desserts e gabbana for years, which always defends its choice di breastfeed breast and also did it against critical of who had it attached.

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