Breastfeeding twins: not a "mission impossible"

edited by Selene Amico 

That thenursing al breast require a good dose of commitment it is beyond doubt. It is undeniable that sometimes it is a little tiring and that it implies some sacrifice. Let alone if the children are the two. Yes, why breastfeed the twins it can be done, indeed it must! Why deprive them of everything yours XNUMX cups milk can guarantee you and this moment full of love e happiness?

In addition to being possible, breastfeeding twins is highly recommended since sometimes you can run into a preterm birth, babies can be born more small and breast milk for a premature baby represents a precious elixir, which is sometimes even more important than a drug.

Obviously breastfeed the twins involves double commitment, Double force, Double energia it's a positiveness at least quadruple!

It is clear that it is one hard choice, but with some trick you can succeed in the enterprise. It's not really a "mission Impossible”And we tell you how.

One of the possibility can be that of attack breast babies at the same time, thus reducing the time dedicated to feedings, but each situation is different and one mum however, she may prefer to breastfeed her babies one by one, also because it often takes time to acquire the practice necessary to breastfeed two babies at the same time.

If your little ones are born premature, they will always be a little sleepy and they will suck with little force. It will take a little while time to learn a suck well, but they will succeed!

It may happen that one of the two is more voracious and more pacifiers quickly. Slowly, if you breastfeed them together with steadiness they will take the same rhythm of suckling. Alternate breasts at each grass, because it often happens that, if more stimulated, one produces more XNUMX cups milk of the other.

Among the various positions we recommend three suitable for breastfeed the twins:

  • i small they are laid out on pillows, are kept with the arms and breastfeed simultaneously;
  • with the help of some pillows, put under the elbows and on womb of the mother, the children stay in position crossed on belly of the mother, who holds them lean on on the arm, doing pinch (made with three fingers) with the hand under the bottom. So, the bimbo sucking from the breast right has the legs to left and viceversa;
  • always with i pillows placed under the elbows and on womb area of mum, the twins are turned in the same direction, with the body at the side: for hold up well both of us, mom needs to be able to keep them legs lifted, with the help of a footrest.

It is good to acquire the right ones information e knowledge, already during the period of pregnancy, if you want to breastfeed their gemelli, but even more indispensable will receive thehelp practical and the support of the family, without which everything can become deserve it difficult.

Sometimes it is worth asking the help to a consultant in nursing, which will be able to follow you step after step in this wonderful firm.

Good tandem breastfeeding!

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