Car parks during pregnancy: pink car parks for mothers

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The last few months of pregnancy can be challenging. Not to mention the first months after the birth of the baby, when new mothers get out of the car loaded with pram and bags. Having convenient parking can make a difference. The pink car park is a special car park dedicated to pregnant women. Usable only if in the company of children, they are usually located near hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets, shopping centers and counseling centers. The service however, at the moment is at the sole discretion of the individual municipalities, who can choose if and how to use them.

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  • Pink parking spaces: how to get them
  • Pink parking: the legislation


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Pink car parks: how they work

The pink car parks were created with the aim of facilitating the life of pregnant women and mothers with small and very small children. It is about parking areas bordered by red stripesa, preferentially reserved for pregnant women and at mothers with babies following.

To obtain the pink pass, which gives access to the pink car parks, it is necessary to inquire at your municipality of residence, which, as a rule, requires a medical certification certifying the state of pregnancy and self-certification certifying the date of birth of the child.

More and more cities and towns are setting up dedicated parking lots.


pink car parks they are indicated by specific horizontal and vertical signs that invite motorists to make a gesture of kindness towards mothers. The stalls for pregnant women and new mothers are located both within free and paid parking areas.

Check the conditions of each municipality with regard to the free parking of pink car parks.

Pink parking spaces: how to get them

A special badge (pink pass) will be issued for pregnant women and / or with children up to two years of age who allows you to stop:

  • without time limits in limited-time parking areas (disc zones);
  • in the blue pay stalls.

The pass will be issued with indication of the expiry date and license plate number of the car used and in order to use it, the presence of the child or pregnant mother will be required. 

Who can present the application

Pregnant women and / or with children up to one year of age can apply for the pass.
The withdrawal can also be carried out by another person upon presentation of an identity document and a copy of the request presented.

Pink parking: the legislation

In the Highway Code, the so-called pink car parks do not yet have an official place. The bill amending the Code, currently under discussion, provides for parking facilities for mothers, but their actual implementation is uncertain.

The latest budget law (178/2022, article 1, paragraph 819) has established a fund for municipalities that create parking spaces for disabled people and pregnant women. A place for the pink stripes has not yet been found in the Highway Code. 

Currently in the country article 7 of the Highway Code, the one responsible for establishing which categories can benefit from special parking spaces, does not mention in any way the pink car parks and their natural users. In recent years the municipalities and the villages have proceeded in scattered order, without a shared standard and rules. It may happen to find spaces reserved for women in pregnancy, new mothers and families inside the parking lots of shopping centers or supermarkets, but it is always something that has been left to the private individual and not to the state. The only possible way out would appear to be the unified text of the bill modification of the Highway Code which foresees, among other things, the formal establishment of pink car parks.

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