Car seat: from January 1st, new rules take effect

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If one of the next purchases you have planned is the car seat, this article is just for you. From 1 January they snap new rules which are more stringent than the current ones and, above all, foresee fines nice salty and withdrawal of license. And, considering that we are talking about the safety of your children, perhaps it is better to adapt quickly.

Il booster seat for the car è compulsory always. When you leave the hospital with your baby, don't even think about going home with her shuttle: L 'ovetto is what you need. And as your child grows up you will have to adapt it sitting to its growth. Up to one and a half meters in height and 36 kilos. Does that seem too much? Know that, in the 2022, 40 children and young people aged 0 to 14 died on roads el paesene. (font: Altroconsumo).

The obligation of the car seat it is established by article 172 of the Highway Code. There standard says that the little ones “less than 1,50 m in stature must be insured to the seat with restraint system for children, suitable for them weight, type approved according to the regulations established by ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, in accordance with the regulations of the Economic Commission for the Europe of United Nations or equivalent community directives ".

The new modification concerns precisely the indicazioni of the ministry, in particular the regulations R44 / 04 e R129. They are the ones that indicate i parameters for the choice of booster seat based on weight and height.

The rules currently in force, codified by Highway Code and by community laws, provide for the use of a booster seat for the car up to 36 kilos in weight. After 18 kilos, however, the use of adapters, that is i pillows with armrests. Are the rises that allow you to use the belt safety.

And here comes the news more substantial. From 1 January, with the directive ECE R44-04, rise must necessarily have it back to guarantee even more safety in case of accidents. If you already have a adapter of this kind, perhaps that of your eldest child or one borrowed from your sister-in-law, you can begin to throw it.

And there is more. From next summer i rises without a backrest they cannot even be sold.

Another novelty. The Isofix system for child seats from one meter to one and a half meters. In short, you can choose the mode of installation that you prefer.

And we come to sanctions. Who does not adapt and does not mount the correct one car seat or does not use the security belt goes to meet fines from 80 to 323 euros. And beware: the driver who gets two fines in two years for violating the obligation to equip himself with booster seat the license for a period of 15 days to 2 months. Between us: is it worth it?

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