Car seat, how to choose the right product


  • 1 Car seat: what the law says
  • 2 Why get a car seat
  • 3 How to choose the car seat
  • 4 The ECE R44 / 04 regulation on car seats
  • 5 The ECE R129 i-Size regulation on car seats
  • 6 What is the safest position for the car seat
  • 7 Car seat: where to place it
  • 8 How to attach a car seat
  • 9 How to choose a car seat
  • 10 We recommend: 360 Family by Maxi Cosi
  • 11 What is FamilyFix 360 by Maxi-Cosi
  • 12 Pebble 360 ​​car seat
  • 13 Pearl 360 car seat
  • 14 Coral 360 car seat
  • 15 Where to buy Maxi-Cosi products

The choice of the car seat is one of those that must be made with very special attention and care. Never as in this case there is no risk of making a mistake in the purchase because the safety of our children comes before anything else. And in the car it must be guaranteed from the first to the last second of the trip. In the list of things to buy for the upcoming babies, perhaps we can save on a cot or changing table, but certainly not on the egg or car seat. We want to help you choose the best product.

Car seat: what the law says

The car seat rules are clearly written in article 72 of the Highway Code, which reads as follows:

"Children under 1,50 m in height must be secured to the seat with a child restraint system, suitable for their weight, of a type approved according to the regulations established by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, in accordance with the regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations or equivalent Community directives ".

The Code also establishes the penalties for those who do not comply with this rule. Anyone who does not use seat belts or child restraint systems is subject to a fine between 81 and 326 euros. In case of repeated violations at least twice in two years, there is a risk of suspension of the license from 15 days to 2 months.

The same article of the updated Code also provides for the obligation to use anti-abandonment systems, created to avoid unintentionally leaving the child in the car when you arrive at your destination. They are mandatory up to 4 years of age.

Why equip yourself with a car seat

In addition to the very banal answer “because the law says so”, a car seat saves a child's life in the event of an accident, just like the seat belt for us adults. It is therefore a pure and simple question of security. And unfortunately it is not so obvious that everyone adapts: have you ever noticed how many children not insured with a restraint system circulate in our cities?

“Eh, but my son doesn't want to be 'tied up'. It's impossible". “I live in a small town. What do you want to happen, let's all take it easy here! ”. “He cries desperately every time I sit there”. These are not justifications. Children must stay in the seat with no ifs and buts. Who knows what catastrophic accident does not need to happen: even a very banal rear-end collision is enough for something bad to happen. Let's think about it every time we get in the car.

How to choose the car seat

There are two criteria for choosing a car seat for your children: weight or height. In the first case, the reference standard is the ECE R44 / 04, in the second the ECE R129, also called i-Size. Before purchasing, it is therefore necessary to inquire about both. Choosing the right product based on the "measures" of our child is a guarantee of safety.

The ECE R44 / 04 regulation on car seats

According to this legislation, car seats are divided into various groups:

  • Group 0: weight less than 10 kg.
  • Group 0+: weight less than 13 kg.
  • Group 1: weight between 9 and 18 kg.
  • Group 2/3: weight between 15 and 36 kg.

In principle, these seats can be used for up to around 12 years. They are tested for front and rear impacts, but not for side impacts. With these systems, the child can travel in the direction of travel from 9 months (before this age, the seat must be reversed).

The ECE R129 i-Size regulation on car seats

This legislation is an evolution of the previous one and aims at even greater safety for our little ones. There are two aspects to consider:

  • Car seats from birth up to 105 cm in height: they are installed with ISOFIX or with the safety belt and in practice correspond to those of Group 0, 0+ and 1 of the ECE R44 / 04.
  • Car seats from 100 to 150 cm in height: they are attached with and without Isofix hooks and correspond to Group 2/3 of the other standard.

With the i-Size regulation you can change the position of the seat (i.e. pass it towards the normal direction of travel) when your child is 15 months old. The seats approved according to the i-Size are also designed for side impacts, with greater protection of the head and neck.

What is the safest position for the car seat

At the beginning, practically from the first trip of our child, that is, at the time of discharge from the hospital, the seat must be placed in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. It is the first rule for the safety of newborns. Have you ever wondered why? We will explain it to you immediately.

In newborn babies, the neck and head are the weakest points, where there is no control. This is demonstrated by the fact that the little one's head "dangles", which must be supported with care. Up to 15 months (limit established by the i-Size regulation) the neck cannot withstand the forces generated by a frontal collision. In the event of an impact, if they travel in the opposite direction to the march, the neck is not stimulated with the same intensity and therefore the risks are lower.

Furthermore, with the seat in the "reverse" position, the child is less exposed to the impact with the front seat and to any glass that can break if there is an accident. In short, the benefits are many and it is for this reason that in some countries it was decided to raise the limit for traveling in this way beyond the 15 months established in the country, even reaching 4/6 years of age.

Car seat: where to place it

The center rear seat is considered the safest because those traveling here are further away from any potential impact. The aspect that can be annoying is that the assembly is a little more difficult due to the size of the seat. Or, depending on the car model, a three-point seat belt or ISOFIX attachments may be missing.

Alternatively there are the two side parts of the rear seat. The passenger side is preferred because it allows parents to get in and out of the car more easily because it is placed on the sidewalk. The other side, behind the driver's seat, is not recommended because this is the most common side of impact in the event of an accident.

It is possible, but not recommended, to put the child seat on the front seat. A very important precaution to have in this case is to deactivate the airbag if the seat is facing in the opposite direction of travel: its explosion, if a collision occurs, could be really dangerous.

How to attach a car seat

It really depends on the type of machine. Most of the new or semi-new ones have Isofix hooks, that is a standardized international fastening system for child seats. For the eggs, suitable for the little ones, you need a base on which to anchor them. For the more modern ones, a simple "click" is enough to attach and detach the seat.

Alternatively, the seat must be secured with seat belts. Sometimes both systems are used. Isofix guarantees top safety.

How to choose a car seat

From what has been said so far, it is quite clear that safety is the first essential requirement for buying a good product. Therefore always pay attention to the labels that certify the approval. However, there are other aspects to consider:

  • Comfort of the newborn.
  • Practicality in assembly / disassembly.
  • Removable and easily washable fabrics.
  • Duration over time.

Do you want some examples? We give them to you immediately!

We recommend: 360 Family by Maxi Cosi

How fast our children grow up! For this reason Maxi-Cosi has created a line of seats that accompany the little ones from birth up to 4 years. But not only. The most captivating novelty is the 360-degree swivel system, a new generation of products designed for comfort (even for mum and dad) and safety. Maxi-Cosi was a pioneer of this innovation.

We therefore present Family 360.

This travel system for babies and children essentially consists of 4 elements: the FamilyFix 360 base and 3 car seats, Pebble 360, Pearl 360 and Coral 360. Let's find out in detail.

What is FamilyFix 360 by Maxi-Cosi

FamilyFix360 is a car seat base with truly smart technology. It has an integrated rotation system that allows you to rotate the seat 360 degrees. And to do this, just one hand is enough, with great ease for parents. The base also rotates when the seat is reclined in any position (FlexiSpin).

maxicosi carseat babytoddlercarseat pearl360 brown authenticcognac flexispinrotation side 8712930170389 Group0+1 Infant Toddler iSize ISOFIX FamilyFix360

The FamilyFix 360 base is equipped with Isofix attachments and a support foot. Given its ease of use, thanks to the Click & Go system, you will hardly mount the seat incorrectly. However, to be sure that you have performed all the steps perfectly, you will receive both acoustic and visual feedback. In short, you will be notified if there is something wrong.

This base (and consequently also the seats that are mounted on it) meet all the safety standards imposed by the i-Size legislation. Your children will thus be able to travel in the opposite direction of travel up to at least 15 months of age, in order to protect their head and neck for longer. After this age, the seat can be turned to the other position.

The base can be used:

  • from birth to 4 years.
  • From 40 to 105 cm.
  • From 0 to 17,5 kg.
maxicosi carseat carseataccessory familyfix360 black isizesafety 3qrt 8712930170495 isofix isize group0+ infant baby group1 toddler

Pebble 360 ​​car seat

Even if they are very small, babies also have a right to their comfort. Pebble 360 ​​is the answer to this need. It is a 360-degree swivel seat suitable from birth (therefore already for the journey from the hospital to home) up to about 15 months. Thanks to the very practical FamilyFix 360 base, turning the seat will be really simple: just one hand is enough. Less stressful than that ...

But there is also something else that can make life easier for mothers and fathers who are always struggling with a thousand tasks and often with their hands occupied by bags, smartphones and pouches. Thanks to the Easy-in harness system, putting your child in and out of the car is super fast and super practical. Nothing is left to chance. For the realization of this series of products, Maxi-Cosi made use of the advice of some psychologists to find the best solutions for parents and reduce their stress. Something that demonstrates special attention to customers and certainly not taken for granted.

And now we give you another piece of information that will impress you for sure. It's called ClimaFlow and it's a temperature regulation system that will ensure that your child never gets hot or cold. This is possible with perforated panels (ClimaFlow), breathable foam and fabrics that promote air circulation.

Pebble 360 ​​is equipped with additional technology to ensure the safety of the child because it protects them from side impacts. It is the G-CELL, an integrated protection very useful in the event of an impact on the side of the car. Finally, the ergonomic handle allows you to carry your baby with ease wherever you go.

Pebble 360 ​​is available in 5 colors. The seat belts and headrest are height adjustable. The accessories included are the baby-hugg reducer cushion (makes the little one feel even more pampered and protected) and the rather large sun canopy. It can be used:

  • from birth to about 15 months.
  • From 40 to 83 cm.
  • From 0 to 13 kg.
maxicosi carseat babycarseat pebble360 green essentialgreen flexispinrotation side 8712930170372 Group0+ Infant iSize ISOFIX Frombirth 3pointseatbelt

Pearl 360 car seat

In its long experience, Maxi-Cosi has accompanied over 50 million newborns home from the maternity ward. Over time, it has made safety one of its strengths, along with quality. By the way, moms! Are you looking for a car seat that lasts over time and can be used for several years? You have found it. It's Pearl 360 by Maxi-Cosi. Its greatest merit? It can be used from birth up to 4 years of age.

Pearl 360 has the same interesting features as Pebble 360: FamilyFix 360 base attachment, child's body temperature adjustment with ClimaFlow, FlexiSpin rotation with one hand, Easy-in belts, G-CELL system against side impacts. A mix of technology and well-being for our puppies.

Also in the case of Pearl 360 you will find in the package the reducer for the newborn. In this way you feel less "disoriented" if the seat is too large for its size. In addition, seat belts and headrest height can be adjusted as the child grows over time. And speaking of the headrest, you will be interested to know that it is filled with memory foam for an even higher level of protection. 

The cover of Pearl 360 (like that of all other products) is easily removed and can be washed in the washing machine. The seat can be used:

  • from birth to 4 years.
  • From 40 to 105 cm.
  • From 0 to 17,5 kg.

Coral 360 car seat

The lightest of the family of swivel seats is Coral 360. The porte enfant is padded and ultra light: it weighs just 1,7 kilos for a very light transport. Compatibility with the FamilyFix base with 360 degree rotation makes it the “easiest” product of the entire range. The handles are retractable, for a comfortable use for both parents and the child. Its slogan is clear: “Designed to keep your baby close”.

With the Clic & Go system, hooking Coral 360 to the base is almost a joke. But if your car doesn't have Isofix, that's not a problem. It can be installed using the car seat belt. When you have to get out of the vehicle, the body can remain attached to the base, while you only take the porte enfant.

maxicosi carseat babycarseat coral360 green neogreen base safetyshell softcarrier side 8712930171430 Group0 + Infant iSize ISOFIX Frombirth 3pointseatbelt

Coral 360 also has an extra-large canopy for total protection from the sun. The seat complies with the i-Size regulation which also requires installation with the seat belt and not only with the Isofix system. The product can also be used on the plane, but it is obviously advisable to inquire with the company you are traveling with before leaving. And since it is very light, you can carry it with you with a simple shoulder strap.

Coral 360 is available in 6 colors and is suitable for:

  • from birth to 12 months of age.
  • From 40 to 75 cm.
  • From 0 to 12 kg.
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