Cecilia name meaning, diffusion, name day

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Cecilia name

Cecilia it is an ancient and not very common female name, especially in recent generations, and is fully inserted in the list of particular female names. Yet it retains its charm and femininity intact. But what is yours meaning? And what are the curiosities, the name day and the spread of this name for baby girl

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What is the meaning of the name Cecilia?

Cecilia it refers directly to blindness, a very common handicap in ancient times among seers and diviners. The name derives from the Roman cognomen Cecilia, female of Caecilius. Its origin is to be traced directly to the Latin caecus, which means "blind". The gens Caecilia considered themselves descended from Caeculus, the legendary founder of Preneste, now Palestrina near the city, who gave his name to the Prenestina road.

What is the spread of the name Cecilia?

The name was great success especially in Middle Ages and then in the Renaissance, and it is widespread above all in its female version thanks to the widespread cult towards Santa Cecilia.

In el country, according to i ISTAT data related to the most common names, the popularity of this name in our country has been growing in recent years: in 1999 535 girls were called Cecilia, while in 2022 there were 1062.

Similar names to Cecilia

Here are some similar names to Cecilia:

  • Celia,
  • Celina,
  • Cerelia,
  • Cinzia,
  • Cesarina. 

But if we like female names starting with the letter C we can range a lot between:

  • Camilla
  • Carlotta
  • celeste
  • Chiara

When is Cecilia's name day?

The name day we celebrate on 22th November when it comes Santa Cecilia, martyr to the city and patron saint of musicians. She was a noblewoman who lived in the third century in the city and who converted to Christianity. She was a virgin and a martyr.

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What are the foreign variants of the name Cecilia?

Le foreign variants of the name Cecilia they are numerous. We remember the following:

  • French: Cecile
  • English: Cecile, Cecilia
  • German: Cecilia
  • Spanish: Cecilia
  • Russian: Cecilia

How is Cecilia's character?

the ancient city, tender and gentle, Cecilia is interested in others and takes care of those around her. She has an authoritarian nature and therefore she likes to be in control of events: she needs to feel like a winner.

Cecilia is energetic, it needs action and change and has the special gift of being able to recognize the hidden sides of others, their strengths and also their weaknesses. She is very insightful and attentive.

Cecilia is one direct woman, very feminine, gentle, sometimes mocking, she does not lack a sense of humor and irony. She likes to always have friends and interesting people around her. You have a highly developed critical mind and a great business sense. AND' casual, outgoing, open. Her charm and her kindness are a treasure for those who know her.

He loves to travel around the world to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. AND' free and light, she has a thousand and one ideas and at times she has difficulty finding herself again. She is carefree, she loves to have fun and have fun, party and chat, stay in contact with others.

What profession will Cecilia make? She will be attracted to independent professions or positions of responsibility, as well as creative and original activities, such as those in the field of fashion and art. You may also like to work in a profession in contact with the public or one in the world of media and luxury.

What zodiac sign is associated with the name Cecilia?

Committed and eager for discoveries, Cecilia's personality resembles that of those born under the sign of Gemini: she hates routine, is creative and always has new ideas every day. She is a seductress, she is neither jealous nor possessive in love.

What is Cecilia's precious stone?

The warm and cheerful nature ofAmber characterizes Cecilia's personality: it also helps her fight fatigue and thus provides her with the necessary energy and vitality.

What color is associated with Cecilia?

Il yellow, a symbol of warmth, celebration and joy, is the symbolic color of Cecilia and above all refers to her ability to transmit positivity to those who meet her. The yellow also symbolizes her authoritarian character, the importance that her power has for Cecilia.

What is Cecilia's lucky number?

Cecilia's lucky number is1, which represents ambition, authority and independence. Symbol of the beginning, this number also reflects Cecilia's need for success, which generally achieves the goals she has set for herself.

What song should you dedicate to Cecilia?

We have choosen Cecilia, a single from Simon and Garfunkel

Famous people named Cecilia

  • Cecilia of Baden, daughter of Grand Duke Leopold I of Baden
  • Cecilia of France, daughter of Philip I of France
  • Cecilia of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, princess of Prussia
  • Cecilia Paolina, august of the Roman Empire
  • Cecilia, Spanish singer-songwriter
  • Cecilia Beaux, American painter
  • Cecilia Cheung, Chinese singer and actress
  • Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Australian writer
  • Cecilia Gallerani, countess of the countryside, portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci in the painting Lady with an Ermine
  • Cecilia Loftus, Scottish actress, singer and mime artist

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