Cellulite in pregnancy: how it is recognized and what are the most effective remedies

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Cellulite in pregnancy

Pads, orange peel skin, a slight pain if you pinch yourself. It is the much hated cellulitis which often occurs for the first time in pregnancy or the expectation of pregnant women accentuates the problem. But what is the cause of the cellulite in pregnancy, how to distinguish it from water retention and what are the most effective and safe remedies?

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Causes of cellulite in pregnancy

What cellulite depends on? In large part from the action of pregnancy hormones that reduce the elasticity and flexibility of blood vessels and favor a stagnation of liquids, giving the skin a smooth appearance. "Orange peel".

Cellulite or water retention?

In the beginning it is not about cellulite but about water retentionto. At this stage it is important to act promptly:
  • drinking at least two liters of water a day to counteract the stagnation of liquids,
  • filling up on fruit and vegetables,
  • limiting the consumption of fried and fatty foods as much as possible,
  • making physical activity, better swimming,
  • avoiding taking showers with too hot water, but rather aiming for the jet of cold water on the areas affected by water retention so as to stimulate circulation and by practicing massages with natural creams.
Water retention, in most cases, will pass after childbirth with some simple intervention (attention to the diet, a little sport, a cycle of lymphatic drainage massages). There cellulitis proper is a subsequent phase with respect to water retention. Liquids stagnate, tissues are not oxygenated properly, blood circulation in the vessels is reduced, also due to the weight of the belly and sedentary lifestyle, and this will cause an accumulation of fat in the areas at risk. Here is cellulite. More difficult to cure. Read also: Anti cellulite tricks in pregnancy

How to get rid of cellulite in pregnancy

How to deal with cellulite in pregnancy? It is good to know that most cellulite creams cannot be used during pregnancy because some of the ingredients can be dangerous. However, there are some cosmetic lines dedicated exclusively to pregnant women that they include anti-cellulite creams and oils.

In fact, regardless of the use of cosmetics, what matters most in the fight against cellulite is the massage that is practiced on the part to be treated: draw a circle with the hand following a clockwise movement and practicing a massage that stimulates microcirculation, which drains excess fluid in the tissues and hydrates. The same effect of the massage can be obtained thanks to the action of water, for example, with a swim in the pool.

Here because to swim it can be a great sport to play during pregnancy, of course if everything is going well and you feel in good physical shape.

After giving birth cellulite can be treated more firmly. With lymphatic drainage massages, with the use of special anti-cellulite creams that must be applied consistently and with a vigorous massage or with the most common techniques such as box therapy, mesotherapy, oxygen - ozone therapy, homotoxicology - homeotherapy or ultrasound therapy.

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