Changing the baby outside the home: how to make it easy

Change un neonate or child which still carries the diaper outside casa it's not always a business simple, but with the instruments righteous can become everything more easy. The password is • innovative business organization based on the use of technologies and digitalization of internal and external processes, as well as the active and continued promotion of the services we offer through business development, marketing and communication systems (letter "I" of our logo actually stands for "Innovation");. The second imperative practicality.. The third key element easiness. How to get organized for the cultural, of the newborn outside casa?

For years, the accessories for the 'childhood has started producing solutions increasingly ingenious e technological for the cultural, of the newborn outside casa, parkin beach, restaurant. The problem larger for moms and Pope who go around with theirs small is to find local o areas equipped with the coveted changing table. Here, then, is what the problem of cultural, of diaper. But the solution, indeed solutions exist.

In addition to the now known Teli with one side waterproof is one of cloth that you can rest on several surfaces, for a long time marche several have made a upgrade: to these species of towels, with "ali"To allow the little one to to relaxin fact, one was connected double pocket in which to hold diapers e wipes humidified.

When closed, this practical changing table it almost looks like one handbag a sachet, Complete with bracelet for the wrist or for attack it al passeggino. Then open becomes a small nursery with the pockets organized which contain what you need (some even have cracks side for the creme or for some handkerchief o mussola to use for to dry the child), a surface waterproof and comfortable hinges to remove i variable pieces and wash them.

Sweaters, Jerseys and Cardigans di force of this system for the cultural, of the newborn outside casa: the possibility di open it e shut it almost with one hand and to be able to use it in several situations, for example on a table, on the meadow, on the sand, on a bench. In short, truly in every place. In addition to the versions in technical fabric they also exist in sponge.

Another model it is instead what recreates a vano, as if it were a little one refuge, usable with children small also as gym: is called "magical baby bag”. Gives closed is a bag, like the ones you carry around the cultural,  of the newborn outside casa, but open it's all one surprise. There is indeed one basis to do knock down il small, For change it or simply to make him feel a little on his own ease even when you are in tour, All 'open, on a meadow or sand without the grains come inside.

This base, in fact, has gods raised sides and onexternal of these at least four pockets, where to store diapers, wipes and you change. Some models they also have the option of mounting a bow to hook of the little ones games to distract the newborn.

Any kind of changing table choose, traditional o super modern, there are some advice profits to keep a mind: bring at least one diaper each two hours di stay out if the child is less than six months. Don't forget the wipes humidified and natural. Always carry a little one with you telo, a cloth of linen or mussola to to dry the newborn if necessary.

Try to bring a cultural, full, socks included, especially when children are really small, because theunexpected, both before and during il change, is behind theangle.

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