Chicco di Felicità: the new bracelets with a colored bead

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Chicco di Felicità, the beaded bracelet

Continue theChicco's solidarity commitment to support children in difficulty, to always remember that having a happy childhood is the right of every child. And here is the new Chicco di Felicità, which, always known for its supportive soul, now changes shape and becomes a link bracelet, with a delicate colored bead. The new Chicco di Felicità is available in six different variants. Six colored beads that hold, among their shades, a special message of life and solidarity:

  • green for the welcome,
  • pink for Respect,
  • vermilion red for Solidarity,
  • black for Justice,
  • white for Hope;
  • lilac for Trust.

The new Chicco di Felicità therefore becomes a real "amulet" to wear, give and collect, to give a little hope to many children who live in a condition of discomfort. Currently there are more than 550.000 people who, by purchasing the Chicco di Felicità, have contributed to to give back a smile to many children in difficulty. The Chicco di Felicità 2022 bracelet continues to support theCAF Association - Aid Center for Minors and Families in Crisis and the solidarity project that supports a support program for fragile families, supporting the reception and care of children removed from their families because they are in serious difficulty.

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Through the fundraising linked to the project, they can offer protection and care to children with fragile families, so that they can find serenity and recover the trust of adults. They are also supported specialist interventions to support families in crisis, to prevent child maltreatment and help recover the general skills necessary to preserve the emotional relationships between parents and children.

Il Grain of Happiness it is available in all Chicco stores in the country and on e-commerce at the price of 5 euros. A unique bijoux as a gift idea, to do and to do, to give protection and support the right of every child to live a peaceful childhood.

Heart Wishes Line

The Chicco di Felicità project is also part of the line Greetings from the Heart: packages and greeting cards that support the project, useful to make every gift even more precious. In fact, in all Chicco stores in the town it is possible to buy elegant items gift boxes made in three different sizes and with two color variants each: fuchsia and blue. The packages available are:

  • the small box with its carefree vichy squares, on sale for € 1,50;
  • the medium box with cheerful stars, on sale for 2,00 euros;
  • the largest box with delicate lines, on sale for 4,00 euros.

Also available are i Chicco di Felicità greeting cards to accompany your gifts with a supportive thought. Pretty and practical hang tags, pink or blue, available in all Chicco stores in the country at the price of 1 euro.

CAF Onlus Association

The CAF Association is a non-profit organization that has been dealing with minors who have suffered serious problems since 1979 mistreatment and abuse. It offers a protected temporary home, a peaceful place where children and young people are welcomed and helped to grow. A place that can give them the opportunity to regain confidence in themselves and in the world of adults. The association also welcomes natural parents and foster parents, who are followed and supported to help them find or rediscover the joy of being mothers and fathers. Since its foundation, the CAF Association has helped more than 1000 minors in serious difficulty and supported many families in crisis.

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