Children and pets: perfect alliance against disease

The arrival of a bimbo brings with it many changes: schedules and lifestyles are disrupted, as are the habits domestic. However, inside this Chaos emotional and organizational, the presence of pets - dogs and cats in the first place - does not alter at all balance of the extended family nor does it appear to be dangerous for the new one arrived. If, in fact, the friend a four paws has a defined place within the family unit, the "puppy a two "will draw only benefits.

Multiple research carried out in the past 15 years have established that the children grown up in contact with domestico animals during the first year of life they get sick less frequently and have better ones immunitary defense. a environment excessively clean it is not helpful for the little ones; on the contrary, i microbes brought home from cats e dogs they might strengthen the communities of bacteria and other microscopic creatures that live in the body of a child in the first stage development.

This cohabitation it also preserves the little ones from many allergies and reduces the chance di infections old respiratory tract.

If the child lives in contact with the pets perceiving them as "fratelli”, He will not only learn a respect them and not having any fearbut will live longer natural e positive the normal processes of growth which integration, empowerment e socialization.

THElove unconditional of the pets it's a soothing to all intents and purposes it gives gioia e heat to all family members. Of course you have to submit the animals to the regulars controls vets, keep them in good shape health e to clean with care spazi where they eat and do their business.

It is clear that as the child grows and that its interaction with dog or col cat becomes more physics, you will have to explain when and how stroke it, what could to annoy the animal and make it nervous. That type of interaction will allow your child to improve his abilities to observation because he will learn to "to interpret"I behavior of his four-legged friend ea to behave Consequently. It will be a baby more empathetic not only towards one's own animal, but against anyone live with him.

I advantages they are not just for most people small: it was demonstrated that caress un dog slow down heartbeat and where cerebral, lower the pressure blood, favors a general relaxation. Feelings of tranquility very positive that enhance the confidence andesteem not only in children, but also in adults.

Finally, we must not forget that the pets by now they have also passed through the doors of many hospitals: pet therapy is a cure-all for small patients.

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