Children at the sea, good rules for swimming after meals

Who, among you Parents, now that thesummer has not posed at least once there question that echoes in the centuries: when carrying i children al sea, they can do the bathroom after eat or they will go meeting to a dangerous one congestion?

La literature scientific is not particularly rich on the subject and the evidence emerged from the phenomenon are not alarming. The World Health Organization actually counts reasons different risk drowning di children al sea and Swimmingpool compared to block of the digestive processes, namely the failure control of the most small and not knowing to swim fine.

After eat it is true that theintestine he puts himself to the work to absorb le substances nutrients from foods and, to do so, calls the blood that so yes concentrates nello stomach. This mechanism of vasodilation is accompanied, on the other hand, by one vasoconstriction level peripheral: in the others parts of body, therefore, it could come less blood.

In case of children al sea, if we add to this a dip in water cold or a beverage icy cold we could cause theinterruption area of digestion with consequent disorders: cramps abdominal muscles, nausea, vomiting and even perdita di consciousness. In reality, however we are talking about almost extremes: near the foreshore and evaluating the temperature dell 'water, the children do not risk thedrowning.

Put your pediatricians, effectively, recommend to use the common senseI children al sea they can be support  outdoor read even after i Easter especially if the latter are poor di grassi and easily digestible.

Taking up some research international, beyond the disorders aforementioned, has never been proven a report di cause effect among phenomena such as cramps e pains intense and the risk of drowning in the little ones. Instead, transversely, it is recommended not to leave never again only because it is precisely in this case that they could occur situations from the lapels dramatic.

And speaking of children al sea, ministry area of Health however, in the specific section of "Aquatic education" recommended anyway to wait three hours after grass to get wet, but this could depend on thing e as has eat.

reduce to a minimum the risk of accidents be al sea in that Swimmingpool it is therefore fundamental:

• non lose mai di view i children when I'm in water especially under the 6 years;

• check the condizioni of sea namely currents e depth;

<br>• wet the little ones gradually, especially if thewater is very cold;

• prepare Easter light better if based on carbohydrates, easily digestible, as spaghetti al tomato o sandwiches with vegetables.

La concern however it should also concern theNow di exposure al Sun of the children al sea: if you are a parent fearless and challenge the heat di mezzogiorno, as well as what offrire in terms of food e beverages, you have to evaluate others factors di risk.

For the downs small, for example, it is better to choose times closer to theirs needs, protect them with creme solar of quality, create some areas byshadow, prepare light meals to consume at home and take in beach tanta fruit fresh and water for the snacks. Finally make a "nap"During ore more hot it's a good one chance di rest also for mum e Pope: get tanned yes but without too much fatigue.

For the most curious, here are some recommendations in character international on the topic in question:

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