Children 'born with a shirt'

Children 'born with a shirt'

What does it mean to be born with a shirt

When the baby is born it is often dirty, full of blood, mucus, liquids. But in very rare cases we hear doctors say, in the delivery room, that the baby was born with a shirt on. What does it mean to be born with a shirt? That's what they say when a baby is born with the amniotic membranes around the body.... is the vernix, that is the whitish layer that covers the epidermis of newborns at birth, and which appears a little more abundant in the case of premature births. Its purpose is to protect the fetus from amniotic fluid, which could macerate the skin.


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It is a coincidence very rare, that's why in everyday language this expression is used to indicate a lucky person.

Being born with the shirt meaning esoteric

The child who was born wrapped in a kind of sack, probably the amniotic membrane, was considered different from the others, and dear to the gods. This was interpreted with benevolence, indeed as a sign of a lucky life, and sign of divination skills.

Nowadays there are currents of thought such as Lotus Birth or integral birth that invite you to leave the baby in the placenta, without cutting the cord, up to a week after giving birth, saying that children grow stronger physically and mentally.

However, there are also other versions and other explanations of this saying: being born with a shirt, for someone, refers to the shirt, the symbol of a newborn's layette; because, in times when there was nothing, having a layette was a symbol of wealth, therefore of a lucky life.

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On the occasion of the birth of a child in wealthy families, a "shirt" was prepared to be worn by the newborn immediately after birth, which due to its characteristics of softness and delicacy would have given the small comfort and protection. This garment, on the other hand, was not used by poor families, so "being born with a shirt" meant being the son of gentlemen and having economic luck.

A similar garment is still required today by hospitals for women hospitalizing for childbirth, in the list indicating the kit for the baby to take with you, or is often proposed in childcare shops under the name of 'lucky shirt' note

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