Children's birthday cakes: recipes, base, topping and decorations

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Children's birthday cakes

An increasing number of mothers are attentive to the nutrition of their children and try to bring genuine, fresh and especially free of preservatives and artificial colors. Making a homemade cake has therefore become a pleasant habit, especially if the children are old enough to give us a hand in the dough, or in the final decoration. A birthday cake can be just as simple to prepare, with a little forethought and with the right directions. It can be stuffed, made with fresh fruit like a tart, it can be decorated with cream or chocolate. We have prepared for you a guide to recipes for children's birthday cakes, also perfect for decorating.

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Children's cake

The recipe for a birthday cake for little ones is pretty simple. Just prepare the Sponge cake, wet with water and sugar, and then fill it with chocolate cream or custard. What will strike the children the most will be any decorations, made of sugar paste or purchased and placed on the cake to make it truly unique.

Birthday cakes for boys

Our boys they will ask us for a cake with a decoration that recalls your favorite football team, superheroes or themes such as space, pirates or the train.

Birthday cakes for little girls

While for the girls they are perfect princesses, cartoon heroines, but also simple cakes decorated with flowers and soft colors of the rainbow.

Cake recipes for children

Let's start by giving you some recipes to prepare delicious and even original cakes.

  • Smarties and Togo recipe: a super easy recipe that will give us a super colorful and delicious cake
  • LEGO cake: the strong point of this cake prepared with a sponge cake base is undoubtedly the covering with the sugar paste and the decorations in the shape of LEGO bricks

Birthday cakes for boys

Here are some ideas to prepare a delicious and effective cake for our boys.

  • Pokemon Cheese Cake: Francesca from the Youtube channel Francesca SugarArt explains how to prepare a Poké Ball-shaped cheesecake.
  • Super Mario cake: in this video recipe you will discover how to make cupcakes with a Super Mario themed decoration. By increasing the quantities you can use the same recipe to prepare a larger cake to decorate.
  • Balloon Cake: a colorful balloon that will make the birthday boy happy. The balloon cake is prepared with a sponge cake dough, filled with yogurt cream and covered with colored sugar paste.

Cakes for little girls

Here is a selection of recipes and ideas for preparing one cake for sissies.

  • Barbie Cake: An absolutely fantastic cake that will blow the birthday boy and the little ones invited. The Barbie dress is made of sugar paste and the doll inside is made up of several layers of sponge cake that alternate with a custard and at the end is completed with a layer of butter cream.
  • Ballerina cake: for girls who love to dance the cake with the ballerina, this is definitely the ideal choice. It is prepared with sponge cake filled to taste and the strong point of this cake is certainly the sugar paste used to create the ballerina and to cover the cake.
  • Frozen cake: you can prepare the Frozen cake either by making a simple sponge cake that you will decorate with sugar paste (for the more experienced) or by using a spectacular wafer with Elsa's face, cream to decorate and custard inside.
  • Hello Kitty cake: here is the video tutorial to make a beautiful cake with the most famous kitten in the world.
  • Peppa Pig cake: Francesca's video tutorial to make a cake decorated with the cute pig

Creative birthday cakes for children

Many beautiful birthday cakes for children in many different shapes to make to celebrate your children

Chocolate birthday cakes

Chocolate is known to be the favorite ingredient for children, so we offer you two easy chocolate cake recipes.

  • Dark chocolate cake: the recipe is by Peri from the blog Peri and the Kitchen who chose dark chocolate to reduce the added sugar content
  • Classic chocolate cake: on Giallo Zafferano the recipe for preparing the most traditional of cakes which can then be decorated as desired or filled with cream or whipped cream.

Simple birthday cakes

We offer you this recipe taken from the channel YouTube of Fatto in Casa da Benedetta who prepared a very simple and delicious chocolate cake for her niece, decorated with her handprints and icing sugar.

Quick birthday cake

This cake is prepared not with sponge cake, which normally takes some time to prepare, but with swivels and hazelnut waffers. It will be enough, therefore, to prepare the custard and equip yourself with chocolate sticks, chocolate or hazelnut squares and finally assemble everything.

Cake design

Cake design means theart of decorating cakes and sweets using sugar paste, icing and other decorative elements that can be eaten. On the Net there are several video tutorials that can help us learn how to decorate sweets and cakes in an original way and practice is essential.

To decorate the cakes is first of all indispensable prepare a base that lends itself to covering with icing or sugar paste and here you will find several ideas to make the right bases.

Always Saffron Yellow there is the perfect recipe to prepare the sugar paste: it is a pastry that you can create in many colors and that you can cut out in various shapes or you can use to completely cover the base.

Particular and original cakes

Are you looking for ideas for a cake that will leave everyone breathless? Here are some ideas for making a truly amazing one.

  • Multicolor cake: many small tufts of colored cream and delicious sugar flowers. This cake is prepared with a white chocolate filling and is truly a marvel, an explosion of colors!
  • Patchwork Cake: The patchwork cake allows you to let your imagination run wild, using colored sugar paste cutouts that can be used creatively. The result is magnificent.

Decorated children's birthday cakes

Any ideas for some decorated cakes really nice?

  • Masha and the Bear cake: for younger children who love to see and review the adventures of little Masha and her friend the Bear. The cake is decorated with sugar paste of different colors and a wafer wafer
  • Bear cake: a fun and original idea, perfect for small children's birthdays. A videotutorial to prepare a zuccotto decorated with the face of the bear.
  • Basket cake: a cake decorated in the shape of wicker baskets with cream and flowers, in soft candy pink colors, for romantic girls. It is a sponge cake with layers of colored buttercream and apricot jam.

Recipe for a birthday cake for one year old children

Babies turning one year old are not yet old enough to ask for a cake with a favorite color or character and will certainly love to eat a delicate and soft dessert. Then we propose to prepare a simple sponge cake to be wet with water and sugar and to be filled with a delicate cream or with chocolate. For the Customization you can rely on sugar paste or you can opt for decorations easier. Alternatively you could prepare the cake in a simple way and make it unique and original by placing a gift that you have purchased for your child (for example a small toy). Here is the complete recipe for making a birthday cake.

Ingredients for the sponge cake

  • Potato starch 75 g
  • 00 flour 75 g
  • Salt up to a pinch
  • Medium eggs 5
  • Sugar 150 g

for cream

  • Cocoa powder 20 g
  • Fresh liquid cream 100 ml
  • Custard 1,8 kg

for the wet

  • Water 250 ml
  • Sugar 125 g


  1. Start preparing the custard following the recipe found on Giallo Saffron, doubling the doses and when ready, put a film on the surface of the bowl and place in the refrigerator.
  2. Now start preparing the Sponge cake: divide the egg whites from the yolks by placing them in two separate large bowls
  3. beat the egg yolks with half the sugar with an electric whisk or a planetary mixer until the mixture is fluffy and puffy
  4. clean the whips and beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and after about five minutes, when they are already quite swollen and white, add the remaining sugar, and continue to whisk for a few more minutes
  5. add the whipped egg whites to the yolks and mix
  6. add the flour and potato starch sifted together, mix with a wooden spoon until the mixture is smooth
  7. Grease and flour a round pan with a diameter of 24 cm and pour the dough, leveling it well
  8. preheat the oven in static mode to 180 ° and bake for at least 35-40 minutes without ever opening the oven in the first half hour of cooking
  9. remove the mold from the oven and let the sponge cake cool,
  10. cut the sponge cake into two or three discs of equal size and wet it with the water and sugar that you have heated on the fire.

This cake will be ready, then, to be stuffed with the custard inside and decorated with whipped cream tufts. You can add a few drops of to the whipped cream dye food to get a super colorful cake. And if you want to add a tender and romantic detail, we will explain how to make a little sugar paste bear that you can put on the cake.

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Decorations for birthday cakes

Most often the birthday cake can be decorated with sugar paste, fondant marzapane or marshmallow, with which we can also create three-dimensional decorations, inspired by the favorite characters of our children, or in theme with the setting of the party and the birthday buffet.

Birthday cake with Thermomix

In the forum of the Thermomix official magazine there are many recipes, shared and commented on by users, including those to quickly and perfectly prepare birthday cakes.

For example, find this fantastic cake with three chocolates (gianduia, dark chocolate and white chocolate).

Types of pastry cakes

What if instead of preparing a cake at home we choose to buy a ready-made one or order it from the pastry shop? Here is a list of the best cakes to celebrate birthday.

  • Mimosa: generally it has a filling of cream and strawberries and is covered with tiny pieces of sponge cake that look like mimosas;
  • Pan Cake Stars: one of the most loved cakes by children, prepared with cream and cocoa and pieces of Pan di Stelle biscuits;
  • Slice Milk Cake: two layers of chocolate sponge cake and a cream filling, for a dessert that recalls the famous snack so much appreciated by the little ones;
  • Cream and strawberry cake: the sponge cake can be filled in many ways, but cream and strawberries is the most popular filling;
  • Cake with whipped cream and chocolate;
  • Fruit tart.

Video Recipe Chocolate Light Cake

A light chocolate cake: would you ever have said that? Peri & the kitchen has prepared a perfect one for children's breakfast and snacks. The cake is characterized by being without butter, dairy products or eggs. It is water-based, very light and soft but at the same time greedy. We follow the video recipe and we prepare our light dessert.

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