Children's eyes, when to do the first eye examination

Don't take it months di "vita" the main ones questions and curiosities concerning the eyes of the Infants I'm on colore definitive that they will assume and as e thing see i smallfrom six months onwards it is necessary that i Parents start thinking about assessments on time view by specialists. The first control, in the absence of indicazioni precise by the pediatrician, is expected to standard to a year and is mainly used for locate alcune diseases which, if taken in time, they can be cured, correct e resolved. Let's see the main.

In the first visit, at one year in fact, theoculist investigate any anomalies anatomical or alterations area of motility eyepiece and the transparency di cornea e crystalline (dioptric means), then the movement coordinated of bulbs and defects visual. In the last category the most classic are the myopia,astigmatism andhyperopia. For these we will resort to the use of glasses

Then there is it strabismus, Namely the deviation di a o both the eyes compared to the standard. Up to six months lo strabismus is considered normal, but if persists beyond this stage it must be correct, with lenses intervention surgical, with theocclusion dell 'eye dominant or that straight ahead. If this defect you care in time may be correct completely.

Altra pathology is l 'amblyopia, also known as "lazy eye": the reduction visual of a eye not related to diseases organic. It usually only affects one eye, but it can to happen which, in rare cases, involve both the eyes. causes they are usually strabismus, when theeye crooked becomes lazy why the brain does not use the images intercepted, or for a defect di view between two eyes. Speaking precociously, within the first 10 years of life, you can heal entirely from this defect.  

More diseases of eyes of the children are the conjunctivitis, which may have different origins. The nucleoside is based on the administration di eye drops a basis of antibiotics, target the bacterium responsible forinflammation, or of antihistamines, necessary when the conjunctivitis there is a cause allergic. There are also the keratoconjunctivitis, More rare cataract and glaucoma infant.

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