Christmas gifts for babies, 15 ideas for all budgets


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  • 2 Christmas gifts for babies from 30 to 50 euros
  • 3 Christmas gifts for babies over 50 euros
  • 4 Christmas gifts for babies: the birth list

Moms, time is running out! Christmas is getting closer and closer. Has the anxiety about gifts begun? Even if every year almost all of us make the good resolution not to reduce ourselves to the last second, some more some less we find ourselves in this situation. There is always that little thought that, for one reason or another, still remains to be done. Today we are dedicated to gifts for the little ones. Even if puppies still don't understand what's happening around them, it can be nice to think about them too. Or you may need an idea for a gift to give to a newborn grandchild or to our best friend's son. So let's go into the world of Christmas gifts for babies and we do it by evaluating the needs of all budgets.

Christmas gifts for babies under 30 euros

  • Christmas onesie. Let's start without delay with a classic in the holidays, or the Christmas onesie. With 15 euros you can dress your child as a tender red and green elf, complete with a hat. The sizes available are 0-3 months, 3-6 and 6-9 months. 
  • Christmas socks. Another idea at a small price are Christmas stockings. The transparent package contains 4 pairs for 0 to 12 month feet. The cost is 12,99 euros. In addition to the Christmas ones, they are also available with other patterns, for example in shades of pink and blue for girls and boys.
  • Leg cover for stroller. It is a universal product, therefore adaptable to any model and hookable to the safety straps. It is soft, comfortable, water resistant and cold resistant. It can be washed both by hand and in the washing machine and costs 20,99 euros. 
  • Star projector. A very nice gift for baby's sleep is the lamp that projects a night sky with the moon and stars on the walls and ceiling of the room. There are 8 lighting modes and it rotates 360 degrees on itself. Available in blue and pink. Price: 15,99 euros.
  • Portable pacifier sterilizer. This is a suitable gift for mothers of babies who use a pacifier. What to do when you are away from home and the pacifier falls to the ground? A bag sterilizer is used. Thanks to the ultraviolet light it is able to sterilize the pacifier in just 3 minutes. Cost: 19,70 euros.

Christmas gifts for babies from 30 to 50 euros

  • Sleeping bag. Among the Christmas gifts for babies it is ideal especially in winter and, in particular, for those little ones who don't want to hear about sleeping covered. The sleeping bag is padded and allows the baby freedom of movement. There are different patterns and colors and the price ranges from 33,40 to 39,95 euros. 
  • Anti plagiocephaly pillow. It is a pillow that is used to avoid or cure the so-called "flat head" of newborns. It is made of memory foam, a material that guarantees perfect support and ensures correct posture. The pillowcase is made of cotton. The product costs 35,95 euros. 
  • Cot music box. Let's stay on the subject of bedtime with this other proposal: the music box to be placed above the cot. A classic that all little kids like. The bear carousel has cute little figures that move slowly with sweet melodies and soft lighting. It costs 39,91 euros. 
  • Changing bag. Elegant and practical, it is an essential accessory for baby care outside the home. Inside, a comfortable shoulder strap and a matching portable changing mat. It also contains 5 baby hygiene products, from changing cream to wipes. It costs 31 euros.
  • Souvenir box. It is divided into 6 drawers in which to store the most precious objects of the newborn: the first ultrasound, the hospital bracelet, the first shoes and much more. The theme chosen is that of Dumbo, while the price is 33,90 euros. 

Christmas gifts for babies over 50 euros

  • Palestrina. This evolutionary game accompanies your baby from birth to first steps. The walls can be raised to create a sort of closed box. It has various games (luminous and musical elephant, plush bird, mirror, rattle, pillow) and 35 colored balls. Price: 78,27 euros. 
  • Bouncer. It is ergonomic and has support for the baby's back, neck and head. Rock naturally. It flattens completely for transport and storage. The cost is € 138,18, but it can vary depending on the model. 
  • Stroller. Christmas might be the right time to buy the lightweight stroller you've been craving for a long time. Handy and compact, it has an aluminum frame and folds like a book. The padding is soft and double-sided, the backrest can be reclined and the harness adjustable. It costs 139,99 euros. 
  • Humidifier. Too dry air from heated houses is not good for you and tends to dry out the mucous membranes. A humidifier therefore serves to fight bacteria and mites and to make the home environment more livable. The ultrasonic one is particularly quiet, therefore also suitable for children. You can buy it for 62,99 euros. 
  • Cot reducer. If you are one of the parents who immediately chose the baby bed, this gift is for you. The proposed product is equipped with bumpers and, moreover, is designed to prevent plagiocephaly. It can also be used in the cot. It will make the little one feel protected and pampered. The price is 68 euros.

Christmas gifts for babies: the birth list

An alternative idea to all the others, but which could contain anything you want for your little ones is to create a birth list. It is the easiest way to receive only useful things, avoid duplicates or items that you just don't like. Furthermore, you can give interesting ideas to those who decide to make you a gift. Making it is very easy. Click HERE to find out how. 

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