Christmas, the best gift ideas for future dads

When it arrives Christmas or, in general, when a little one is about to arrive little being in family, you think always, or in most cases, ai gifts to do at neonate or at most the mum. But one role same to you important it's that of gods Pope, which is why yes they deserve they too a gift useful or imaginative that can make them more participate area of birth and maybe even more prepared.

Here are a few ideas to gifts traditional or original for the future Pope.

One of the pensieri more classical but on which there is also a large one choice, is that of book: there are several titles dedicated to Pope. From those more exquisitely doctors, with advice too psychological on how face up to the arrival of the born unborn, help the mum e take part to these first moments, to those more funnythat that way joking they can give indicazioni of how will change la "vita" of the Pope after delivery. Some titles? "The novice dad","Survival manual for the new father","Fathers come from Mars, mothers from Venus".

We can indulge also with cups, T-shirts, frames, bracelets, pendants, cover to mobile phones, mouse path, hats, sweatshirts: all themed "Super dad", The "Pope dell 'year","Keep Calm and… ”and so on. They already find some ready or from personalize at best, according to it spirit of the mole parent.

Another gift certainly Useful for the future father and the pouch or the baby sling. In this way the small will be able to stay comodo close to Pope and make beautiful and long walks strengthening the father-son bond and facilitating the movements where passeggino becomes more uncomfortable. Ditto for when the little one will be more great, a beautiful idea Is that of give away un booster seat  is preferably used for bike.

A thought original it is definitely the match t-shirt-body: Yes they can personalize with phrases nice, funny, with photo o drawings. a stretch distinctive, very often used by mum e daughter, what can be "copied"Also for the Pope.

We then move on to gifts more technological, perhaps the most appreciated from futures Pope. Make way for the small ones then cameras that they can to record e immortalise i moments of baby with Parents since the first instant. Or the diario technology of the day of child: a kind of small computer and marks the hours of sonno, feedings and the others "deadlines"Every day.

The Kit radiolina per watch over the little one in his baby cot. There are now all of them types: with sensors for sonno, for the respite, with camera, directly related to the cellular and equipped with music relaxing.

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