Christmas, what to give to "bellies" and babies month by month

Il Christmas approaches. There is who for character thinks months before and with a lot originality ai gifts to do and who is reduced tolast moment. For avoid to fall into little originality to bellies e Infants, here's one list of possible pensieri divided by "bands"of age and gestation.

Pancine in growth: A gift certainly welcome and to whom perhaps still the future mum not yet thought, but what will happen to her help in the months before of delivery and the "pregnancy pillow". A profit ally to rest well there notte and avoid annoying and uncomfortable positions a bed. Alternatively, a package of massages draining specific to the pregnancy it will definitely be very welcome.

Close bellies al delivery: if the last phase area of pregnancy takes place in full winter, for an pensiero for the future mum it can surely be one cape, a comfortable one alternative al coat, which maybe not closes more, to shelter from cold and can be used even after delivery. Or one pedicure aesthetics for fix i "piedoni"Which are no longer seen for the belly too celebrity.

Infants 0-3 months: you can give the chalk for the 'footprint of foot or of hand or Ph colors that have the same function. The casket where preserve his first what's this, the symbols of the tappe of the first months and futures years such as bracelet dell 'hospital, stump of cord umbilical, the first tuft di hair cut and so on.

3-6 months: from now on by free ai games da to grab, shake, beat. In this phase, in fact, they are fundamental colors, sounds, sounds, sensations. Yes then a rattles e palestine, games in wood Great colored, the first booklets tactile, mirrors where look at each other and the great classic of the keys which open the small doors and that much they are passionate i Infants.

6-9 months: the child is sitting da alone and starts move in different ways nello space. Plus she started it weaning, then the alternative di gift are aunt. We go from likeable set is preferably used for baby food a palestine which have i BORDI soft but where the child can move in tranquility. Dalla box of the treasures (to do also in casa with fantasy) go prime construction.

9-12 months: green light to fantasy. It starts from paintings non-toxic for hands whereby indulge yourself, then go to the carts for the first passivated. a gift useful for children starting to to crawl and to get up standing, a move freely and to understand how move nello space it can be there snail or doggie of wood from to drag o to launch e follow. Or saucepans e covers: they do a lot noise and help to hide le what's this and learn a imitate. The first courses are also excellent musical instruments and games di coupling logical to do having fun.

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