Close pregnancies: pros and cons

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Close pregnancies

How does it feel if it turns out to be pregnant a few months after giving birth? If you are worried, you feel caught off guard, for getting pregnant so early, don't feel guilty, you have legitimate fears. A second pregnancy is a major commitment and involves considerable effort on the part of the family. Let's see how to deal with the experience of close pregnancies and how to help our firstborn.

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2 pregnancies in one year

It is certainly not easy to think that you have to manage a very young child and a pregnancy, just as it could be tiring to organize one's life to take care of two children who are almost the same age.

Most of the answers are within us. It will stay at the sensibility of mom and to organizational capacity of the woman to give a hand to the eldest child so that he can best experience the arrival of his little brother or sister. If the pregnancy surprised us, an event that occurs more often than you think due to the hormonal changes that characterize the post partum, we make sure we have internalized the news well before communicating it to the child. Our serenity is the condition that cannot be ignored to reassure our child.

Especially when he is very young, he will be deeply sensitive to our state of mind, therefore his well-being will also depend on our well-being.

Pros and cons of close pregnancies

Let's start evaluating the positives of the event. You will have to make some sacrifices but you will have many advantages in return. First of all you will be perfectly trained and tested on what to do, if it is true that each child is a story in itself it is equally true that the bulk is the same for everyone. You will have dexterity and familiarity, as well as everything you need to take care of the baby in the best possible way. Also, I your children they will grow together, so when they have reached the age of self-sufficiency you will begin a new phase in your life, unless you want to break through!

The true difficulties will be able to reconcile i rhythms of two children which, although different in size, both need a lot of attention. In the pregnancy phase, get help from friends, relatives and of course from the father. It may happen that you feel tired and that being with your firstborn all day weighs you down.

When you are sure you have accepted and positivized the news, start telling about the little brother, involve the baby in the growth of the belly and explain to him what happens inside you. He won't understand the details, but he'll soon connect your round belly with something coming up for him.

If, on the other hand, you have consciously decided to have the second pregnancy close to the first, you have probably already evaluated most of the aspects described above. It may happen, perhaps when you are very tired, to ask yourself if it made sense. Do not let yourself be disheartened by moments of despair, as we said earlier the advantages are many, and in the depth of your heart you know it well.

Close pregnancies and work

Maternity leave is, of course, valid for all pregnancies, so you can return to work at the end of the mandatory five-month leave even if you are pregnant again and then abstain from work in the eighth or ninth month of the second pregnancy. But you can choose to enjoy the optional maternity leave and rest during this second pregnancy, organizing and taking care of the firstborn. Remember that the optional leave is paid at 30% of the salary, so it is a choice to be weighed well.

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Close third pregnancy

Pros and cons of having three children close together? You will certainly have a large tribe to raise and the advantage is that they will all have more or less the same needs. In practice it will be a long non-stop of diapers, baby food, childhood illnesses and kindergarten insertion, but in the end the satisfactions will certainly not fail.

There are gods risks for childbirth? Certainly if i first two children were born with a caesarean, performing another caesarean at a short distance can involve some risk, the important thing is to rely on the doctor who will be able to assess the individual situation.

Experiences of close pregnancies

On the net you will find numerous forums and sites that represent a meeting point and an opportunity for comparison between mothers who have had close pregnancies. The blog The swinging mom is written by a young woman mother of three children born close to each other: we recommend that you read this post in which it lists in an ironic and amusing way the pros and cons of having three children so close.

Pregnant 2 months after giving birth

Find out you are new waiting after a few weeks it can be upsetting. If you do not breastfeed your period resumes later about 40 days and in this period one is fertile. Indeed, precisely because you do not know when the head of the ward will arrive if you do not want a new pregnancy so close, it is good to use contraceptive methods.

Given this, it must be said that the organism can still support a second pregnancy even if so close: it will only be necessary to pay particular attention to:

  • supply: taking mineral and vitamin supplements is essential to ensure the body all the nutrients necessary to carry on a new pregnancy and not run into nutritional deficiencies;
  • sonno: you feel tired without a shadow of a doubt, maybe you sleep little and this lack of sleep does not reconcile with the typical drowsiness of the first months of pregnancy, so it is important to ask for help and receive it in order to rest;
  • manage lactation: you can safely continue to breastfeed even if you are pregnant, but you choose what to do in all serenity and without any sense of guilt.

How long to wait for a second pregnancy after a cesarean

Generally, after a caesarean delivery, the mother is advised to wait some time to allow the organism and body to physically recover from the previous pregnancy, but also to fully enter the new rhythms of life, characterized by breastfeeding, sleep interruptions and fatigue. We can say that wait six to eight months is an appropriate choice, even the World Health Organization recommends waiting for a couple of years. However, there is no particularly specific contraindication, so if you became pregnant a few months after the first pregnancy and intend to continue the pregnancy talk to your gynecologist and rely on his advice.

Furthermore, it is not certain that since the first pregnancy ended with a cesarean it will have to go like this also with the second birth: you can always try a trial labor. In any case it is good to rely on your gynecologist.

How to help the firstborn

When the due date is approaching, let us know your son about what his fate will be when you are in hospital (at grandparents? at home with dad?). Try to imagine with him the events that will happen so that he can recognize them when they happen, it will help him to deal with them better.

Invite your child to visit you in the hospital after giving birth, if their health conditions permit, and show them their little brother. When you are at home, always keep in mind that yours first born for the first time he will find himself having to share your attentions with another. Don't be angry if communicating with him and making him available turns out to be more difficult than expected. Do yourselves help from dad not to make him feel left out. For example, if you are breastfeeding the little one, have the dad involve the big one in a game that will distract him. If, on the other hand, you are alone with the children, tell a story or sing, it will calm down.

Il child character it is an influencing variable, but the optimism and positivity of the parents can be salvific. Whatever the initial reactions, the little one will get used to it and will probably become your most precious helper.

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