Colic in the newborn: here are the symptoms, causes and remedies

Source yell out excruciating, often as soon as the will be, they make anyone feel bad parent, which is heard impotent in front of the pain which proves its own child. colic of neonate I'm a real "drama"For many moms which are forced to face them, sometimes without know well what to do to make you star meglio il puppy desperate. For prevent him unfortunately the ploy they are not very many, but something for consular children can be done. So here it is all what there is from know on colic of neonate.

Le colic gaseous are a disorder abbastanza frequent between infants, especially in the former three: months of "vita". In general then they tend to improve to disappear. How to he understands if your own baby is teach of a colic It's simple: times di belly goes with crisis di cry sudden, violent e extended. In addition, the neonate assumes a position feature: crease le gambine to the chest, stringe i punches e arches la back. And, for it sforzo of cry, face è red red, while theabdomen si stiffens, it becomes tense e protruding.

Le colic they last about 2-3 hours, but this is a fact medium because in reality there are children that suffer for more time. And there are not a few moms that they tell of nights up and down the aisle fencing say appeasement a bundle screaming. Why precisely the ore evening e night are the most a risk for times di belly. This comes explained dai doctors with the fact that from the late pomeriggio the little ones are more tired and nervousness it also manifests itself at the level abdominal, causing the colic.

to understand be a bimbo has a real one colic or if his cry it is caused by some other thing (for example, sonno or simply need to contact physical), in 1954 a doctor formulated therule of three:": A neonate suffers from colic if he cries for more than three: ore, more than three times to the settimana and for more than three weeks consecutive. The "ruleWas then revised by specialists British, who argue that, to do diagnosis di colic gaseous, just the little one cry for more than three hours per day.

But what are the causes of the colic? They can be aunt:

  • Intolerance al lactose or alle protein contained in XNUMX cups milk;
  • aerophagia (i.e. excessive swallow di air, for example when it eats, which causes it to swell stomach e intestine, provoking pain);
  • peristalsis ineffective o immature (difficulties dell 'intestine di contract to allow the XNUMX cups milk di alight from duodenum tointestine);
  • problems related to artificial milk (not all of them are equal, Then the pediatrician could to advise di change product, choosing one or more digestible);

In general, suffer more than colic i Infants breastfed artificially, compared to those they take XNUMX cups milk mother. About this, let's debunk un myth. Until recently it was claimed that the colic were also related to foods eaten by mum and breastfeeding: they came therefore prohibited foods such as artichokes, broccoli, beans and all that it could cause air. Today, however, it is I got it which is not so and who who breastfeeding can eat all.

What to do in case of colic? The first advice is the most difficult to be implemented: to maintain la calm! Yes because a mom or a dad nervous they do nothing but get worse la situation. We know it seems like the most complicated of world, but it is really the first step to cure a times di belly ostinato.

Take in braccio the little one, the contact always helps appeasement il cry. Place it with the tummy on 'forearm e massage it plan. You can too to attempt to make him expel air from tummy folding the gambine to the chest: eliminate air from a benefit immediate. Many children do calm down even doing one walk a piedi or machine. Why not try?

Un way to try to to prevent and the anti-colic bottle: there are several types, Just choose. They have one tettarella particular that decreases il passage excessive of air during the breastfeeding. Who breastfeeds al breast must controllare theattack of neonate: the mouth it must cover the whole nipple and part ofareola, so as not to suck air.

If discovers a 'intolerance al lactose, pediatrician may propose to passare to a milk vegetable, for example of soy or rice. Always the medical health insurance can to prescribe, in case of real and extreme need, Some drugs specific for counteract il problem and also for theassumption di herbal teas it's best to ask for hers opinion: chamomile, anise, cumin, melissa, fennel they can be to evaluate. Infine, benefits you can have them with i Probiotics, in particular the Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus I reutered.

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