Colic in the newborn, how to recognize them and what to do

Un cry desperate, often al shut up area of will be, which upsets the tranquility area of casa e confuses also Parents more happy and get ready. A cry often continuous and difficult to plating, capable of doing lose way their blood cold and making you feel powerless. There is nothing to do: the colic of neonate I'm a handsome trouble, but for luck, exactly as they arrive, sooner or later if it is they go. So let's see how yes recognize and what can we do to try to fit meglio Our little ones.

Le colic of neonate (or more properly colic gaseous) I'm a disorder very full tra i children just nati. Typically, we talk about colic when they occur 3 condizioni details (the so-called "rule of 3“, Theorized in 1954): the child weeps so inconsolable for more than 3 hours al day, for at least 3 days to the settimana and at least 3 settimane consecutive. It appears that the problem interest a neonate su three: in the first quarter di "vita". Huh suffer plus the little ones who are breastfed artificially, compared to those breastfed at breast.

What are the delivery times? symptoms of the colic of neonate? Here they are:

  • crisis di cry: I'm prolonged and particularly intense;
  • the child becomes red in face for the sforzo of cry;
  • il neonate It tends to to fold le legs to the chest;
  • abdomen stiff and sometimes swollen;
  • il piccolo arches la back o tightens i punches.

Generally the colic of neonate:

  • show up with major frequency di will be;
  • get worse around the 6th-8th week di "vita";
  • improve after third fourth month of "vita";
  • improve after theemission di gas and / or disastrous.

Le causes of the colic of neonate I'm not quite yet certain. Basically the problem consists of a backlog di air in 'intestine which causes pain and, consequently, the crisis di cry. But there are not a few pediatricians and support that, in reality, the colic "Do not exist" since in children so small it's hard to do one diagnosis of this type: the symptomatology accompanying the cry would therefore be from connect simply al cry same as the child, wild not since times di belly, but from who knows which one ragione. In fact, if there is one thing difficult da to interpret it is really the cry of the infants.

Of course it is that excessive ingestion di air may be counted between causes triggers of colic of neonate. If the little one is nursed al breast need controllare that l 'attack happen in a manner correct: the lips they must be prosthesis towards'external and mouth must cover up entirely on nipple, including areola. If it's attached male and what notice because you definitely hear pain. Also pay attention to how you give the bottle with milk artificial: the tettarella it must always be fills di XNUMX cups milk and, if the little one emits many sounds sucking, he probably is ingesting also ofair.

Among the others causes of the colic of neonate there are the smoke (passive in the sense of breathed or "past" from the mum with XNUMX cups milk), I'intolerance al lactose or alle protein contained in XNUMX cups milk and peristalsis intestinal still ineffective. THE'intestine of a bimbo very small takes a while time a to mature and can have some difficulties a contract to allow the progression of food from duodenum al right. One problem ad evacuation it can also provoke times di belly. There are also factors external, such as theanxiety di moms e Pope. It seems absurd, but it is not: if we al sunset already there agitiamo thinking that the colic are in ambush, our son will perceive this nervousness e will snap il cry desperate, even without the colic.

How much does thesupply area of mum? Here it is necessary debunk un myth which still remains: the diet does not affect the colic of neonate. The most recent evidence scientific (and it must be said that not all pediatricians, midwives or childcare are updated) show that there is none correlation and for one reason very simple: the XNUMX cups milk maternal is a blood product, that is, it derives from blood. That is, it means that in the XNUMX cups milk area of mum only the substances that are in the blood. And the food it is not among them.

In nursing are prohibited are the three things: alcohol, smoke e drugs. They pass into the blood, then in XNUMX cups milk and arrive at child. That's why even with drugs must do caution e to hire only those compatible with l 'nursing (there are). Consequently, eliminate foods that in theory can increase theair of neonate (broccoli, cabbage, cabbage, beans etc.) and provoke colic è useless. Get informed well, even feeling a double opinion with someone really updated, if it is the case.

What do for the colic of neonate. The first passage is trying to understand the cause area of crisis di cry: excluding the fame, sonno, diaper dirty or the need to contact physical, you can start think to the colic gaseous. Here are the possibilities remedies:

  • to maintain la calm: is the most difficult that we can to ask to a mum that sees scream un neonate, we know it well. Yet it is fundamental. Why the little ones absorb all emozioni, especially those negative: one parent anxious or taken from panic only one worsens situation in itself complicated;
  • cercare to do expel theair from tummy: one way to do this is to fold le knees of the child towards chest;
  • trying to do evacuation il child: if he problem it is caused by the many days without doing the poop you can try to stimulate it, but ONLY under very tight advice of pediatrician. EVER use sondini, perette or any other mezzo if the medical health insurance;
  • massage theabdomenI movements they must be circular e deep, obviously without crush too;
  • put the child to belly in down on 'forearmIt is a position which can relieve i pains area of colic;
  • have it in braccio: contact physical can be a lot consolatory for a desperate child;
  • try a comfort him: stay in one room quiet, with lights suffused e cradle it gently;
  • go out for a walk: if he time andclockwise lo allow, go outside. The change di environment will help. Very useful a tour in machine: movement dell 'auto lo will relax e will reconcile also the sonno;
  • change il XNUMX cups milk: in case of ascertained intolerance al lactose or alle protein of XNUMX cups milk, pediatrician may suggest you replace it with XNUMX cups milk di soy or rice.

Against the colic of neonate there are some drugs available, but it is obvious that only the pediatrician must prescribe them. Are antispasmodics, antimeteorici, sedatives o products which reduce the dimensions of the bubbles di gas in 'intestinefacilitando l'elimination. THE Probiotics such as Lactobacillus casei GG they can be effective, while also for the herbal teas (type al fennel, To melissa or the chamomile) must always be taken below advice of pediatrician.

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