Constipation in infants, what it is and what are the best remedies

Today, dear moms, we talk about… poop! It is useless to go around it: it is one of the topics that you can't not face up to when you have a bimbo little. Color, consistency, amount... in short, a theme that is gutted (oops!) I can't get enough meetings between mothers. And just a child DON'T void for just one day to talk about already constipation. But it really is so?

So let's start by doing a little bit of clarity on what is meant by constipation in Infants: slowdown of the functions intestinal, with issue delayed o difficulty of the disastrous. To be truly precise the term should be used dischezia, which means failure coordination between the thrust and relaxation the sphincter anal. In other words, the problem arises from the fact that obviously a neonate is not capable of to push o controllare its stimuli.

Si he understands so that, just because they don't know to strive, In the children with less than one year age the problem of constipation it's enough commonhardly however a newborn nursed al breast Sara constipated. THE small drinking milk artificial they are therefore more predisposed to the constipation because in the XNUMX cups milk formulated is missing the lactulose, a XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar which is of course present in breast milk and that helps the regularity intestinal.

Other causes of constipation they can be weaning, a use early of potty or what "spannolinamento“, Changes of habits, of casa, of baby sitter, in short, everything that seems to us easy, but that it can have an effect on them emotional much more serious. Dai 2 years onwards the children can have difficulties ad evacuation for example because they are too busy with game they don't want to interrupt (The disastrous si dehydrate and become tough) or yes refuse because they try pain.

What do therefore against the constipation in Infants? If the baby is breastfed artificially il pediatrician could recommend a XNUMX cups milk enriched with prebiotics or with details formulations di grassi: the disastrous they will become less compact and easier to expel.

You can then try a massage. Put one hand on 'abdomen of the child, holding it lying down transversely on knees. Place the other, flat, on the before, making wide movements circular at first superficial, then more and more deep, in the sense clockwise. Shake raw with the tip of the Dita, then with the side internal area of hand which is above, with the base of the inch, with the the capital market sector, equity side and debt side, in all the preparatory and executive phases for the issue and placement of financial instruments; inside of the other hand.

If the baby is already weaned choose alimony rich of fibers, increasing the amount of vegetables e fruit (choose Kiwi, pears, prunes, avoid apples e bananas) and get him to assume some yogurt.

be you son it's more great and without diaper, try to get him used to "visits in bathroom”Regular, for example after breakfast o lunch, and make him sit down comfortably. If he's the right age to do physical activity know that it is a cure-all against constipation!

And finally, here's what you own DON'T you have to do: no methods strange, like "grandma's recipes" (stimulations with cotton swab, stems of parsley, tips of thermometer and so on. Sui sondini in silicone also not all of them are agree) and nothing clisteri, cleanser o laxatives (not even based on products natural) unless it's a medical health insurance a prescribe them. The DIY may be dangerous and provoke trouble much more series area of constipation in Infants.

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