Cost of the babysitter: how to calculate it

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Cost of the babysitter

When you are about to return to work after the end of maternity leave, it is common among parents to whom to entrust their child: better a daycare or babysitter? Many opt for this second option because they prefer to leave the child still at home, in the home environment, not be forced to let him out when it's cold and avoid making him sick often, which obviously happens quite frequently when the little ones attend the nursery. . But what is the cost of the babysitter? There is one rate national team that must be respected and how to establish the right salary?

Let's start by specifying that babysitting is not a simple job as we are commonly tempted to believe: it involves a certain degree of responsibility and commitment, the child requires attention and care, and even if he rests for a few hours during the day, he must always stay on guard. So do not skimp on the salary and reward the person who will take care of your child with an adequate remuneration given this, let's see how much it is fair to pay.

How much does a babysitter cost per month

While the cost of a babysitter varies from region to region, there is still one minimum rate established by the CCNL in 2022 that we can use as a starting point to establish an agreement with you. It's about a hourly wages, which of course can then be considered flat rate if you establish a monthly agreement (which would allow us to save a little). The most recent tariffs have been updated to 2022 and are classified into one table going A to D based on the babysitter's experience and years of service, but also on the age of the children, i.e. whether they are self-sufficient or not. Furthermore, a lot depends on whether the nanny lives with us, so she also benefits from accommodation and maybe food, or not.

Specifically, as can be seen from this site, we can summarize a rate for a cohabiting babysitter as follows:

  • band A: from 624 to 738 euros. Cheaper is the compensation for a babysitter who has less than 12 months of experience and needs an initial coaching and higher than that for a nanny who has less than 12 months of experience but is able to manage self-sufficient children (therefore not newborns)
  • band B: 795 to 851 euros. More than 12 months of experience, depending on whether he needs an initial coaching or whether the child is self-sufficient or not, the price changes
  • band C: from 908 to 965 euros. The lowest price for a nanny with no specific training but with more than 12 months of experience
  • fascia D: from 1303 to 1360 euros. She has specific training and more than 12 months of experience and is able to look after non self-sufficient children.

We can also refer to the rates for a part time service offered by a cohabiting nanny ranging from 560 to 650 euros.

The oworking hours it must be 40 hours a week divided over 5-6 days. To the salary must be added the contributions social security which are divided between the employer and the babysitter. The calculation of the contributions refers to the table of the INPS maids, which can be found on the INPS website where we can enter the various data in the form and have as a result the contributions that must be paid monthly.

The babysitter will be entitled to the thirteenth that is, an extra monthly salary that must be paid within the month of December and which is also accrued during the days of sickness, maternity, holidays. About the ferie: for each year of work, a period of leave equal to 26 days is accrued, which will be taken in a period agreed with the employer in compliance with his needs.

Naturally put in order your own babysitter is not only mandatory, but protects the employer from any liability in the event of an accident at work.

Babysitting prices for 2022

Le tariff baby sitter 2022 have been updated on the basis of the changes made in agreement with the workers' associations. Let's see how the minimum rates and the rules governing the domestic work contract have changed. The tables with the minimum and maximum references are shown at this link and also include the allowances relating to food and accommodation offered to domestic workers.

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Baby sitter cost per hour

Taking into account the tables we reported earlier, we can calculate the hourly wages of a babysitter. For a novice collaborator who is not cohabiting, the hourly cost varies from 4 to 5,50 euro, while for a more expert and with years of experience the compensation per hour is approximately 8,50 euro.  To understand how much to give to the babysitter per month, then you can take into account the average hourly wage and multiply it by 4,3.

It is clear that those listed are the prices referring to the minimum rate established by the national employment contract, but when you have to establish the cost of the babysitter you must also refer to the relationship between supply and demand in your city. In some metropolises, such as the city, the nanny can cost more than in the city or other cities where the cost of living is lower overall. So before looking for a babysitter and starting to find an economic deal, we recommend that you take these steps:

  • find out from other parents how much their nanny is paying;
  • how many children should he take care of e how old are they? A newborn involves less effort, while the older ones need more attention, they must be helped with their homework or accompanied to play sports etc ...;
  • take into account any transport costs, such as parking or petrol for the car or bus tickets if you have to take them to the swimming pool;
  • the cost for the evening or holidays it is certainly higher;
  • children's age matters: if they are between 14 and 16 years old, the nanny can be paid 20% less than the "minimum wage", for those who are between 17 and 18 years old, 10% less can be calculated.

Prices for a babysitter for 2 children

How to behave if you do not need to take care of just one child, but of the two? The contract does not provide for a difference if it is a question of managing a child or two, so it is unthinkable to reason by multiplying the cost of the hourly wage for a child and multiplying it by the number of children. The ideal is to find a flat rate agreement together with the nanny.

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