Cow's milk no earlier than one year of age: here's why

Topic controversial on which the opinions of experts they are often conflicting it concerns the XNUMX cups milk for the most small: which one is the most suitable to replace milk mother and when it is correct to introduce il cow milk, that is, to put it in words simple, of cow?

Starting fromsubject matter than the best XNUMX cups milk, even after i twelve months, remains that of mum, you register a position opposite between those who give the by free to cow milk and those who propose the so-called XNUMX cups milk di growth, for an product designed just for the small from one to three years.

In general, the Federation el paesena medici pediatricians recommends not introducing the cow milk to children before fulfillment dell 'year di age; it is, in fact, too much ricco di protein and can create one imbalance in growth of the child not being calibrated on his needs nutritional. This is because in the cow milk are present almost the triple of the protein contained in that mother, too many minerals such as sodium which overloads i Reindeer of the smallest, and less lactose e Vitamins.

A guy nutritional mix can be responsible for overweight e obesity in future as well as cause of shortages specifications. The iron present in XNUMX cups milk Vaccine, for example, it is not at levels suitable for the development of children and it is not easy to absorb and this could cause difficulties psychophysical.

According to some studiesin addition, the cow milk creates microemorragie gastrointestinal tract not visible to the naked eye, which increase the likelihood of anemia; in fact the data on the presence of little iron in blood at 12 months (sideropenia) show that it is higher in moles infants they receive cow milk compared to the other.

In some cases, someone recommends administer however the cow milk beforeyear di age, maybe stretched with water and with the municipality XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar from the kitchen. However, if on the one hand this "modification"Rebalances the concentration di protein e minerals, on the other hand it reduces the content of fatty acids essential and of Vitamins, without considering that the sucrose is different from lactose and by maltodextrin, sugars present instead in XNUMX cups milk di continuation.

In general, theOrganization World of Health (WHO), the ministry area of Health and the experts of nutrition pediatrics recommend thenursing al breast exclusive at least for the former 6 months and they recommend it up to two years, always following the needs di mum e child. THE'nursing al breast over a year of life is, in fact, synonymous with health e welfare both for the child that for the mum: preventsobesity of the small and reduces the risk di cancer al breast is preferably used for mother.

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