Cracks, small cuts that make breastfeeding painful

Un pain intense, almost tearing and that would make you want to not even try to approach the nipple to your baby to do it suck. fissures they are gods small cuts that make breastfeeding painful and, in particular, the initial moment, when the little one latches on. In fact, just the breastfeeding proceeds, the painful sensation diminishes and you can finally breathe.

Sometimes, the fissures bleed and can form on the nipple or onareola. Typically, they are caused by one incorrect grip of child. Offer him the breast holding it from below, until it gently touches the cheek with nipple: instinctively it will turn towards you and open the mouth. lips they must contain all the nipple and also part ofareola: if the little "catches" only the tip, the position it is incorrect and could favor the onset of fissures.

If you try pain while the baby is eating, check what is wrong and change if necessary position.

Some precautions allow to avoid the annoying inconvenience. For example, after each breastfeeding rinse the nipples with lukewarm water (without soap), dry them well and leave them in the air as much as possible. Use only bras and cups breast pads of cotton and change them often so as not to allow the humidity to stagnate. If the pain it is particularly strong try using a paracapezzoli silicone, but breastfeeding even if i little cuts bleed.

Others advice. Don't wait too long in between breastfeeding and the other, so the little "sucker" won't get overly hungry to the nipple. Before attacking him (and if he gives you time to do so), do a compress with a warm cloth on breast, so that the XNUMX cups milk and facilitate sucking.

To speed up the healing try not to use pharmaceuticals, not even far from breastfeeding. Rather apply some pure shea butter: it has an emollient and healing action and - last but not least - it does not harm your baby. After he has finished eating, you can also use creme emollients based on lanolin.

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