Cradle, here are three models to choose from


  • 1 The most classic cradle 
  • 2 The travel cot
  • 3 Must-have cot: the one for co-sleeping

The sleep of our children is undoubtedly one of the aspects that every mother cares the most. Their rest is also ours and therefore we all care a lot about the fact that the little ones can sleep in the best way. Therefore, among the purchases for the newborn, great attention is paid to the cradle. We have selected three different models for you, so that you can get an idea of ​​what's around and choose the style that best suits you. 

The most classic cradle 

This is the kind of crib that the most "sentimental" moms will love. Wicker, veils, bow are undoubtedly synonymous with a link with tradition and romanticism. This is not a particularly expensive product and the price includes bumper, bow, canopy, mattress and other accessories. In short, very convenient.

The Waldin cot has a solid frame that can be removed quite easily. In addition, it is equipped with practical wheels. You can thus move it effortlessly from one room to another in the house, without effort. The basket is made of natural wicker and was made by hand. The fabrics of the accessories are completely in cotton, non-toxic, certified and obviously washable.  

Cradle Wladin: a classic for romantic mothers

The travel cot

If you are not the type of a romantic wicker cot, but you want something simpler, more comfortable and without great pretensions, the answer is the travel cot. It can be easily transported when traveling, but it can also be used as a second bed at home, perhaps for an afternoon nap in the living room, rather than in the bedroom. The net allows excellent air exchange, which makes it particularly suitable for sleeping in the summer. It also allows you to control the little guy while he sleeps.

Hauck's Dream N Play Plus is light and very practical: it weighs just 8 kilos and folds away in an instant. This will allow you to take up little space at home, also because it can be stored in the practical bag in which it is sold. 

When it is no longer needed, you can use it as a… playing field! Older children, in fact, can use it to play. Not as a playpen, definitely more suitable for little ones, but as a magical place from which to enter and exit alone, thanks to the large side zip that will allow you to invent many adventurous and fun situations. 

Accessories, such as mattresses and linens, are sold separately.

The travel cot for "smart" mothers

Must-have cot: the one for co-sleeping

Are you among the supporters of co-sleeping, that is the child in the Latvian? Know that there are certainly many who prefer this "shared sleep" mode. Of course, it makes life easier, especially when breastfeeding. However, pediatricians are not entirely in agreement on its safety. The solution? The cradle for co-sleeping to be placed on the side of the bed, with a lowered side. Proximity is assured, as is physical contact. And the safety of the newborn is also 100%.

The queen of cots for co-sleeping is Chicco's Next 2 Me. If you are looking for the top seed, you must definitely choose this one. Dads will be happy to know that the frame is very easy to assemble. The weight is not excessive and - most importantly - the adjustable height on 6 levels allows it to be adapted to practically all double beds. The cover is made of fabric, it is easily removed and can therefore be washed as often as necessary. 

The Next 2 Me is also very successful within our Facebook group Noi Official Group. Here's what some moms write:

Chiara V .: I love it and super useful !!!! You take it, you breastfeed it and without getting up you put it back there. Not to mention that you always have it in sight!

Valentina V .: it is wonderful, I have it and I would not do without it, I see my baby without raising my head or getting out of bed. Just a glance and to take it and transport it to the Latvian at night to breastfeed it takes two seconds. Then if you need to reach out a little bit and you have it there. When you have to fall asleep, you can lie down too. In short, a great invention!

Next 2 Me, queen of cots for co-sleeping
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