Crawl, when to start and how to prepare the house

Let's face it immediately for the avoidance of doubt: to crawl yes it is one tappa fundamental of development of the child, but that is not necessarily the case all go through this phase. There are indeed many small who skip it completely, putting himself directly in piedi (Also presto) and walking. But for the mum, see your own little one and crawling, it is always a beautiful one emozione… And sometimes even one stress not indifferent, for the fear unconscious that it can do male...

Let's go for order. For the baby, to crawl it means to start experience his own autonomy and to look at the world From one perspective very different from that of boxand gym or the passeggino which so far have it welcomed. She will start trying to crawl in forward, using the arms and legs and pointing i feet, when it's lying down belly in down.

As with so many things, i times are different and change from child a child. I primi attempts di shift nello space they can start already from 5-6 months, but we will have to wait for the 8-9 because his efforts result in a mode of movement more effective. Learn to to crawl is a conquest for nothing commonplace, Which can be reached only when the little one understands how to exploit way their body.

The first discovery is the location carponi, then off to the attempts: swinging, swinging, trying to raise up a handto shift le legs, the little one “takes the measures". Only after a series of evidence, will find the right one combination di movements and coordinating arms e legs, will succeed in move alone.

It can happen for a child to start with to crawl a backward, a scene very buff! This happens because often i muscles of the arms I am more developed of those of legs and the baby moves more easily toback. He will soon learn to to push more about legs and will discover that he can also go in forward.

The "style di crawling"They are not all equal: classic is that "on all fours“, But there may be variants very funny. For example, there are those who hold hands e piedi a land and bottom raised or who crawls from sitting, slipping on ass and with a leg folded under the buttocks.

When a baby begins to to crawl you clearly have to preventive some small accident, but with some trick you can make it casa more safe and proof of "crazy crawler". The same rules they will be worth even more forward, when your child will walk. In principle, you should cercare to leave at baby the possibility of move ed explore freely, obviously avoiding large ones risks.

First, get rid of the flow of child knick-knacks delicate, objects very small e plants. Store the detergents in high or in cabinets with chiusura. The edges and taken di current exercise a charm particular and attract any child: buy gods paraspigoli (also useful in case of falls) and of socket covers. In business there are a lot of types.

Beware of stools o tables low to which the child could cling in an attempt to get in piedi: could throw yourself on. Put on cookers the appropriate fence di safety, but anyway may and then may let your child from alone in kitchen if there are pots on fire or forno switched on. And watch out for tablecloth on table: just a moment to pull it down. Finally, if your home has stairs internal, close theaccesso with gods gates. For others information on safety in casa, click HERE.

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