Crying babies, here are the 6 "tear-prevention" rules

Il cry of the Infants it's one of those things you can send in tilt also the moms equipped with super self control, especially when it is inconsolable. Those tears that roll on cheeks they make us a mixed bag of sensations which they sometimes throw in panic: who will have mine child? Why not calm? But it's normal that becomes everything red and almost not you breathe?

We know it: to interpret il cry of the Infants it may not be easy (we talked about it HERE). Yet, if you think about it, i reasons of the crisis there are not many: fame, sonno, diaper dirty, hot, mall in belly or some other malaise, solitude.

But there is not only this: also one routine that suddenly comes messed up can unleash il cry of the Infants. Respect their rhythms and theirs needs it is a passage fundamental to guarantee the little ones tranquility e peacefulness.

So here are the 6 rules "prevent-tears” bear in mind.

1- When the child has a need urgent (such as the fame), expect more than it owes it will pay it back very nervous. If it's time to baby food, therefore avoid preparing the bath or change il diaper (obviously if it's not really necessary), unless you want to find yourself dealing with a cry exasperated and difficult to appeasement.

2- He sonno of children is affair very complex. Often, the little ones have difficulties to switch from half asleep al sonno deep. Change theenvironment surrounding it (for example, by moving the pram in another room) right at this moment of "passage"Can be a error: the newborn yes distracts, does more fatigue a passare al sonno deep and this discomfort can explode in a cry. And it touches you start over.

3- Still talking about sonno: if you have to go out and plan to bring the small with you in the pram, get out before that you fall asleep or when it is already in phase di sonno deep.

4- Some Infants I'm very disturbed from wind: I know during a walk take the cry desperate, the cause this could be it. If yours son it is particularly susceptible to this condition atmospheric, perhaps it is worthwhile avoid di walk in days suckers (One rule which, it really should be validates always, not just for ward off il cry of the Infants).

The 5- sensations di cold and hard disturb a lot i Infants: therefore make sure that all surfaces on which you lay it (baby cot, pram, changing table, box and so on) are hot e soft and. You can place a towel di sponge o, in winter, a cloth of flannel. Even the hot from nuisance, but I don't think any of you would put yours son to "brown" under the Sun di mezzogiorno...

6- Also i Infants si bored, you know? And they feel only. It's not because I'm like that small who do not know these emozioni. So, yours puppy could burst a to cry are you strayed, for example for a shower, And in casa there is not no which may occupy of him. So give him something he can entertain him. An idea? Put in the pram of the images or drawings in White e black that I can observe in yours assenza. But remember that she can't see i details of objects to more than 25 cm di distance. THE drawings they will keep it busy for a while avoiding piagnucolii or real cry. And you will at least be able to make it shower (maybe postpone it shampoo...).

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