Curiosities about twins: from the baby bump to the growth of two

USEFUL INFORMATION ABOUT GEMINI PREGNANCY - It is a known fact that hormonal treatments and assisted fertilization have a huge impact on the likelihood of having a twin pregnancy while the incidence of one "spontaneous" twin pregnancy that is, without having recourse to hormonal treatments or assisted fertilization is of 1 birth out of 80 for bigots, and 1 birth out of 8.000 for triplets, while for quadruple births one case occurs in every 730.000 births.
Also the possibility that a monozygotic twin in turn have twin children it is high: 25% of the possibilities or 1 every 4 pregnancies generated. However there are also other factors that affect the twinning of pregnancy, an example? If in Africa there is a large incidence, in the eastern countries they are registered instead very few twin births.

In a normal twin pregnancy each twin will have their own placenta and amniotic sac and in this case the risk of fetal mortality from complications is 9%, however there are some very dangerous cases in which there is only one placenta and two amniotic sacs (monochorionic biamniotic) where the risk of mortality from complications rises to 25% and where there is only one placenta and only one amniotic sac (monochorionic monoamniotic) where the risk is 50% .
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Twin pregnancy always needs more ultrasound, blood chemistry and obstetric checks and the woman will have to pay even more attention to her diet in order to avoid missing substances that are fundamental for her own and the health of the fetuses, precisely because it is more dangerous compared to a physiological pregnancy with only one fetus. Twin pregnancy usually ends 3 to 4 weeks before the deadline and sometimes even earlier around 32-34 weeks and almost always with caesarean surgery; it is not uncommon for one or both fetuses to have congenital malformations or are carriers of some chromosomal defect; the woman could suffer more than a single pregnancy from nausea, vomiting, asthenia, gestational diabetes, hypertension, premature birth, spontaneous rupture of membranes and post-partum haemorrhage. Read also: Pregnant with twins: parental leave, breastfeeding and discounts
When the twins are identical they are monozygotic ova, that is a single ovum fertilized by a single spermatozoon that has divided into two parts, giving rise to two fetuses. They are always of the same sex, looking at them they are practically identical, they have the same traits and the same characteristics. Generally their development is defined through the twin: in fact, if in a single child who at 5-6 months begins to uncover his body by putting, for example, little hands and feet in his mouth, in twins it happens because is the twin to put his hand in his brother's mouth, etc., he smiles and "talks", making his twin do the same things, which he imitates and relaunches. The most common mistake of parents of twins is make them a "couple": dress them identically, treat them as if they were almost a single person and therefore have the same character characteristics and the same needs. Twins should be treated like two very distinct people to allow everyone to develop their personality without feeling almost one with their brother. In this way, in fact, more than complicity, then we come to talk of competition, because once the babies realize that they are considered one with the twin and when they understand that if you have to wait for the feeding or for the change it is all "fault. "of the twin, they will do everything to impose themselves and for emphasize your character. Of course like all twins they will have a deep bond which will lead them to look for each other if divided and will unite them with a sort of dependence on each other.
If the children are of different sexes it is dizygotic twins, that is, two ova have been fertilized, one by a spermatozoon X and the other by a spermatozoon Y; also in this case the children growing up together besiege the city with the first experiences at the hands of the twin, for example the discovery of one's own body through little hands and feet or by imitating the smiles and warbling of the twin with a "mirror" effect. Usually the dizygotic twins are in perfect affinity and it is not uncommon that, even as they grow, continue to act in perfect harmony and concomitance almost as if they were on the same wavelength. As with all twins, there will also be one between them deep bond which will make them difficult for example if in kindergarten and elementary school they are divided. Development typically occurs at the same time or with minimal time differences. Girls develop one earlier than boys independent personality and therefore they are a bit of the driving force and strongest of the couple but it cannot be excluded that over time the roles are reversed.  
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The dizygotic twins can also be "fake twins": when they are born from two different eggs fertilized by two different spermatozoa and the babies are different and similar as brothers. These babies have in common the growth in utero but of real physical similarities that are not those between two brothers, there are none. As with all twins, however, they develop a harmony and harmony that even allows them to implement its own language with whom they communicate and understand each other perfectly, but incomprehensible to others, including parents. For the first games and the first discoveries and experiences they prefer to be among themselves tending to isolate themselves and exclude other children of the same age from the games; Among their differences, the physical aspect stands out first of all, in fact these children are often so different that one can be a photocopy of the mother and the other of the father! Unlike the other twins these are able to develop their autonomy a little earlier and to break away from the independence that is created with the other twin.
Spesso twins are born underweight due to the size of the uterus, made specifically to accommodate one baby at a time, which, not being able to develop more than that much, triggers a premature birth giving birth to two babies who reach approximately the total weight or slightly higher than a single infant born in trermine.
If it is a pair of dizygotic twins of different sexes, girls will develop both the ability to communicate with clear language and the ability to grasp objects a little earlier than boys.
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