Debora name for girl: character, meaning and curiosity

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Debora name

Debora is a feminine name that at the turn of the eighties enjoyed great success in our country, while today it has fallen into disuse. In this guide we discover the origin, characteristics and spread of Debora name for girl.

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  • What is the diffusion of the name Debora?
  • When is Debora's name day?
  • Saint Deborah
  • Deborah or Deborah?
  • How is Debora's character?
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  • What color is associated with Debora?
  • What's Debora's lucky number?
  • What song should you dedicate to Debora?
  • Famous people named Debora

What is the origin of the name Debora?

The name Debora derives fromJewish דְבוֹרָה (Deborah), which was later adapted into Greek as Δεββωρα (Debbora) and into Latin as Debbora.

What is the meaning of the name Debora?

The meaning of the name Debora is "bee".


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What is the diffusion of the name Debora?

Very popular in the Jewish communities, it spread in the country at the beginning of the twentieth century thanks to the great fame enjoyed by American actresses who bore this name or even famous telenovelas very popular in our country. To strengthen the popularity of the name Debora was also the homonymous song by auspicious loyal. Today it is less widespread, in fact, according to i ISTAT data relative to the most common names, in 1999 554 girls were called Debora and in 2022 the absolute value was only 38. The same trend also for the Deborah variant.

When is Debora's name day?

Her name was Deborah the prophetess narrated in the Old Testament who was also the only woman to be part of the judges of Israel. The name day can be celebrated on November 1st.

Saint Deborah

There are no saints or blessed who carried Deborah was the prophetess who, in the Old Testament, was the only woman among the judges of Israel and exercised this function for about 40 years.

Deborah or Deborah?

Debora is the el paesena version of the Hebrew name, while the variant with H, therefore Deborah, is very common in Anglo-Saxon countries, but also in France. However, Deborah also found widespread diffusion in the country, especially in the twentieth century.

How is Debora's character?

Deborah is a woman Kind, kind and understanding. She can talk to people and gets along well with everyone. She is generous, but she is temperamental and sulky at times.

She is a woman deeply sincere relationship and they hate lying. Straightforward, serious, sometimes lacking a little humor. She is courageous, hardworking and constantly questioning many aspects of life and existence. Always dissatisfied, she tries to do the best. The charm of her, his femininity and her deep sensitivity make her a captivating and faithful woman.

Debora exercises a forte magnetism and she has a personality that does not leave indifferent, she has extraordinary qualities that attract anyone who meets her. She is very down to earth, attached to reality, she is stubborn and has a keen sense of humor.

She likes confrontations, risk and adventure, she loves control and always be in control of the situation. Debora is compassionate, she always wants to help others even if they don't ask. She can also be temperamental when it comes to getting something. Behind the angelic-eyed woman hides a true fighter: she is ambitious and does everything to be successful.

What profession will Debora do? Professional success is essential for her. The professions he prefers are related to business, commerce and travel.

What zodiac sign is associated with the name Deborah?

The zodiac sign associated with the name Deborah is Capricorn. The Capricorn woman is sweet and loving, she spreads good humor and joy around her, but she also needs a lot of attention in return to feel good.

What is Debora's precious stone?

The gemstone associated with Debora is the garnet. This gem symbolizes loyalty, truth and kindness and helps to recharge life energy and build self-confidence.

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What color is associated with Debora?

L'Orange is the color of Debora. A warm and pleasant shade that symbolizes the joy of life, activity and optimism. It promotes communication, stimulates creativity and calms the mind by emptying it of all negative energies.

What's Debora's lucky number?

Lucky number of name Deborah is 3 and symbolizes creativity, sociability and sensitivity.

What song should you dedicate to Debora?


My Deborah

Forgive me if I was wrong

Forgive me

I can't, you know

To be without you

I can't, you know

Long wings of fire

They covered the moon

On top of me

And let heaven tonight

You return calm

Around me

Famous people named Debora

  • Debora Caprioglio, actress and the country
  • Debora Montanari, hockey player on ice el paesena
  • Debora Salvalaggio, showgirl el paesena
  • Debora Serracchiani, lawyer and politician el paesena
  • Debora Villa, actress and comedian el paesena
  • Deborah Bergamini, politician and journalist el paesena
  • Deborah Compagnoni, alpine skier el paesena
  • Deborah Kerr, British actress

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