Deciding to have a child or rely on fate?

The dilemma is if decide to have a child or rely on fate. It is always rarer than a bimbo is the result of chance or of an evening's inattention. Sure, it can happen. And it happens, not just to girls. Much more often, the son derives from a choice. Almost inevitably, the "law of desire" is opposed by socio-economic reasons: for a myriad of reasons, for an son it is planned, it is decided, it is postponed to the most opportune moment.

La motivation which affects the most is that i Parents they need to be sure they can give the little one everything he needs and more. An "excuse" that sometimes hides the desire of the Parents to be realized economically and socially. In short, the possibility of doing career often does postpone the choice to become moms and dads. As well as the lack of a work safe and the consequent precariousness economic. A rather common scenario today ...

But there is not only this. In some cases, in the decision of have a child awareness of a relationship also affects pair unstable and unsatisfactory which places resistance to desire of parenting, looking forward to hearing a safety greater affective and strong confidence.

You are among those who think that do a son can save a bond in crisis? Nothing more wrong. A child cannot be the means to bring one together pair in trouble: management and growth of a son they require the dedication, affection and serenity that only one pair united and available can provide.

At the same time, however, the risk what we run is to take away naturalness and spontaneity from this event of the family life cycle, making it highly dependent on other conditions of a cultural and social nature.

Therefore, don't always plan to have a child it can respond to the deepest needs of one pair that one loves, in which spontaneous needs arise from feelings and passions that cannot be completely controlled. This is why it is important to be able to give space to the unexpected as well. Sometimes ours unconscious it imposes itself in spite of everything, letting it happen to stay pregnant even if "it was not planned". Then it's up to ragione welcome the new and make room for it in the mind and in heart.

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