Dedication for Father's Day, from a father to his son

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Dedicate Father's Day

The following lines are very beautiful, but they are very sad, ineluctable. They are moved because within us that we read them, something tells us that we are reading some truth. On the occasion of Father's Day, we want to dedicate these lines to all our fathers, those of us parents.

For them who help, for them who made us suffer, for them who welcomed us, and who chased us away. For them that we do not forget even if we want it with all of ourselves, for them who saved us. For them who are no longer there, or who suffocate us. For them who saw us cry and laugh like no one else. And that those smiles and those cries they all have inside of them

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A Father's Dedication To His Son 

If One Day You'll See Me Old:
If I Get Dirty When I Eat And I Can't Get Dressed .... Have Patience.
Remember The Time I Spent Teaching You.

If when I talk to you I always repeat the same things .... don't interrupt me .... listen to me. When you were little I had to tell you the same story every night until you fell asleep.
When I Don't Want To Wash Me Don't Blame Me E Don't be ashamed of me. Remember When I Had To Run After You Making Excuses Because You Didn't Want To Take A Bath.

When You See My Ignorance Of New Technologies, Give Me Time And Don't Look At Me With That Ironic Smile I Had All The Patience To Teach You Skills


Phrases of wishes for Father's Day

Do you want to write a dedication to your dad but are short of ideas? Here are many beautiful phrases for Father's Day

When at a certain point I can't remember or I lose the thread of the speech ... give me the necessary time to remember if I can't, don't get nervous ... the most important thing is not what I say but my need to To be with you And have you there listening to me.
When My Tired Legs Don't Allow Me To Keep Your Step Don't Treat Me Like A Burden Come Towards Me With Your Strong Hands The Same Way I Did It With You When You Moved Your First Steps

When I Say I Wish I Was Dead ... Don't Get Angry One Day You Will Understand What Makes Me Say It. Try to understand that at my age You don't live, you survive.
Someday you will discover that despite my mistakes I have always wanted the best for you and that I have tried to pave the way for you.

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Give me some of your time give me some of your patience give me a shoulder to rest my head on the same way I did it for you
Help me walk
Help me end my days with love and patience in return i will give you a smile and the immense love i have always had for you.

I love you my son and I pray for you even if you ignore me

We always try to be with our parents what we would like our children to be with us

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