Dennis name for child: origin, meaning, curiosity

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Dennis name

A more trendy and up-to-date variant of the traditional village name Dionysius, Dennis is one of the most popular male names in the country and is seeing an increase in its popularity among new born babies. In this guide we discover what is the origin, the meaning and the spread of the name Dennis for baby boy.

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  • What is the meaning of the name Dennis
  • What is the spread of the name Dennis?
  • When is Dennis' name day?
  • Denis or Dennis?
  • Personality of Dennis
  • What zodiac sign is associated with the name Dennis?
  • What is Dennis Gemstone
  • What color is Dennis associated with?
  • What's Dennis's lucky number?
  • What song should you dedicate to Dennis?
  • Famous people named Dennis

Origins and etymology of the name Dennis

Dennis is the English variant of the name el paeseno Dionysius, decidedly classic and of ancient origins. Donigi, in turn, is a variant of Dionisio and originates from the Greek Διονύσιος (Dionysios), which derives from Dionysus, the name of the Greek god of wine and festivals.

What is the meaning of the name Dennis

The meaning of Dionysius, and therefore of Dennis, is "consecrated to Dionysus ".


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What is the spread of the name Dennis?

Dionigi is an ancient name now obsolete and very rare among young people. On the other hand, its more international variants, such as Dennis, are more widespread.

According to the ISTAT data related to the most common names in the country, in 1999 they were called Dennis 118 newborns and in 2022 the trend is more or less similar with an absolute value of 108. As regards the variant Denis, is certainly more appreciated, with an absolute value in 2022 equal to 134 (but in 2022 it was 300).

Dionigi, on the other hand, is an extremely rare name and village: fewer than 5 babies were called that.

When is Dennis' name day?

The name day can be celebrated on different dates: 

  • December 26, for St. Dionysius Pope
  • April 8, in memory of St. Dionysius of Corinth, Bishop
  • October 9, in memory of Saint Dionysius (Denis) bishop of Paris

Denis or Dennis?

Denis is the French variant of the name Dionysius, while Dennis it's the English one. The name Denis was very popular in France in the Middle Ages and was then brought by the Normans to England where he transformed into Dennis. Then it quickly spread throughout the West, including the country, where we find, in the male forms, Denis and Dennis, and in the female one. Denise.

Personality of Dennis

Dennis he is quite difficult to understand and interpret because he often hides his feelings: Active, balanced, always show great determination, he is courageous and loves to take risks. It's a lot emotional, ready to react, speaks little and hardly trusts others, manages to achieve his goals thanks to his dynamism and commitment, but also to his great will. Dennis loves to foster his own social and interpersonal relationships.

Has a great sense of resourcefulness, he often follows his instincts and loves to have an active and eventful life. One of his main flaws is the lack of patience which can lead him to give up too easily and stop chasing his dreams. Straightforward and sincere, Dennis hates lies and untruths and doesn't hesitate to put anyone who proves untrustworthy in their place. It is, however, at the same time very delicate as well diplomatic.

Dennis has a forte personality which tends to amaze both for its magnetism and its reserved appearance, and for its desire to appear or to impress. Dennis does not shirk his responsibilities: he has a strong will and when he is motivated, he can reach the end of the path he has set for himself.

What profession will Dennis make? Different types of professions may interest him, as long as he falls into the routine. Therefore, the world of tourism, sport and outdoor life, but also commerce and gastronomy are perfect.

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What zodiac sign is associated with the name Dennis?

The zodiac sign associated with Dennis' personality is Aries: he loves adventure, is very impulsive and tenacious.

What is Dennis Gemstone

Dennis's gemstone is the ruby, which reflects great passion and protection especially for material things.

What color is Dennis associated with?

The orange it best reflects Dennis's personality, his creativity, energy and infinite imagination. It is also the color of happiness and good humor.

What's Dennis's lucky number?

Dennis's lucky number is 9: symbol of a life that flows between ups and downs and which then leads to completeness.

What song should you dedicate to Dennis?

We chose the song "I believe in you" by Dennis Fantina

My heart, never get tired
To love and to repeat myself
You will become
What you already are a true warrior!

Famous people named Dennis

  • Dennis Bergkamp, ​​Dutch footballer
  • Dennis Farina, American actor
  • Dennis Hopper, American actor, director and screenwriter
  • Dennis Kucinich, US politician
  • Dennis Morgan, American actor and singer
  • Dennis O'Neil, American cartoonist and writer
  • Dennis Quaid, American actor
  • Dennis Rodman, American basketball player, basketball coach, actor and wrestler
  • Dennis Wheatley, British writer

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