Diaper how much do you cost me! Tips on how to save

According to a study the average annual expenditure on disposable diapers, only in the first year of life of children, it wanders between 800 and 1000 euros, thus arriving at the age of 3 that the cost for the same product is around 2200 euros. It is one of the most expensive items in the maintenance of a child, and it is certainly among those that weigh the most in the family budget, especially in times of crisis. So listening to the speeches of the parents the question that often recurs is always the same: "how to save on diapers?"It's not easy, but with a few tips and tricks, you can be able to make some savings.

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1) Beware of brands

Disposable nappies are the most expensive and a lot depends on the type of brand we choose. The merits and advantages of the best-known brands are not always absent in sub-brands which can be a valid alternative and can save us up to 4 euros per package, without sacrificing quality. And if we have doubts, remember that there are always i forum, like the one of , where to ask the opinion of other mothers. (GO TO THE FORUM)

2) Buy in bulk

One solution could be buy diapers in large packages, the all'wholesale, to benefit from an attractive price. In addition there are also children's outlets, where you can find branded products at lower prices than supermarkets. But be careful not to buy too many because you could risk finding yourself with a stock of diapers that are too small and therefore you will no longer be able to use.

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3) Beware of supermarket offers

Another trick could be to keep an eye on all hypermarket flyers and convenience pack promotions, while stocking up.

4) We follow the offers online

Also not to forget the online offers; just take a ride on the web and do a search on the sites that sell diapers or that collect offers from different brands. Eg bottle milk is a German portal where you can find nappies in packs of 100 kg. 12/18 at advantageous prices.

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5) Solidarity Purchase Groups
Another solution can be i Solidarity Purchase Groups (Read), created to allow families to save on the purchase of food and other products as well as diapers and milk powder. The gases present in the country allow all families residing in the same city, or in neighboring areas, to be able to purchase large quantities of diapers and powdered milk at a discounted price, a special price that the producers offer to the Solidarity Purchase Group. which will send the manufacturer a very large order. To find the closest buying group, simply search for keywords online Diaper Purchase Group or Powdered Milk Purchase Group.


6) Washable nappies

Ultimately, washable nappies cost less than half of disposable nappies and a family can save up to 800-1000 euros in the long run.

A site where you can find information to save on the expense of diapers (CLICK HERE)

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