Diary of a pregnancy: damn nausea!

    Diary of a pregnancy: damn nausea!

    Damn nausea!
    Today the day tastes like the pizza I just threw up. All the fault of that lady on the subway who bathed in her terrible vanilla scent, determined to share her favorite aroma with everyone.

    Already in the night the situation did not promise good: the nausea started at 2 am and meant that the stomach must always be full ... I had dinner at 7.30 and with the tiredness that hit me, to get up in in the middle of the night to make me a sandwich they didn't really talk about it.

    On the other hand, in the forum I have been given several ideas on how to manage the situation: there are those who recommend swallowing dried broad beans toasted, those who rely on crackers and rusks, drops based on fennel, bracelets against seasickness or sweets based on licorice. Personally I have found a lot of relief with the latter even if several sites speak of it as a substance considered harmful both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding!

    At the moment, however, it is the only thing capable of saving my working day and counteracting the side effects of the “stink” of sautéed from the windows or the smell of a colleague's coffee.

    The next challenge is to return home tonight, always on the subway but in a time slot - between 17 and 18 pm - in which nausea reaches its maximum. Who knows if even today, armed with licorice and a plastic bag, I will be able to cover the 13 stops that separate me from the destination. New updates in the next episode!

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