Diary of a pregnancy: how tired the second month

After the first weeks of pregnancy spent with hormones at 1.000 which made me trot all day and sleep very little at night, at some point the energy cycle completely reversed, leaving me completely blown away.

From one day to the next, the sensation of strength, energy and well-being has given way to a state of perennial sleep and fatigue, all seasoned with terrible nausea.
At first I feared it was a vitamin problem, an iron deficiency ... but then to shed some light on the story, my husband Gigio intervened: "You don't remember that when you were waiting for Giulio you collapsed on the sofa at 8".
No, I didn't remember, but now that I think about it ....
To confirm the normality of this condition, I also found the table with the stages of pregnancy: the possible disturbances in this phase are tiredness, drowsiness, nausea, altered taste and mood disorders. It's really me!

Every day when returning home from work on the subway I manage not to throw up (thanks to licorice!) And not to fall asleep (thus avoiding being pickpocketed or arriving at the terminus) I have already won my little daily battle.
The second is to be able to dine all together and to read a story to Juliet without collapsing on page 2.

Gigio is now resigned, and if at 21 pm he finds me slumped snoring on the baby's bed, he picks me up and takes me to our bed, anxiously awaiting the resumption of a social-family life ... starting from the 4th month!

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