Dictionary of female names: meaning and origin

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Dictionary of female names and country and foreigners

A little princess is about to arrive in the house and mom and dad are starting to prepare everything necessary to welcome her in the best way. From dresses to cribs, from bedrooms to baby bath accessories. And the name?  La choice of name it is a very delicate moment, as much as it is particular. Sometimes it turns out to be simple, because maybe mom and dad like the same name, or because you want to give the baby on arrival the name of a grandmother, a loved one. At times, however, the undertaking turns out to be difficult and, then, it becomes necessary to rely on the meaning, to leaf through the pages of the "Book of names". Read also: Female names, which one to choose? Meaning of the most beautiful and original names Between ancient and modern names, the townspeople and foreigners, not only boys have a varied choice of names, even girls are spoiled for choice. To help mothers and fathers in the important choice of the name to give to their baby, here is a complete guide, a real dictionary of female names, townspeople and foreigners

Female names

In the variegated dictionary of names to give to a girl, there are the great classics - which never tire - and rarer, unusual, but beautiful and often meaningful names. There are names linked to history or mythology, there are trendy ones (the most chosen in the last year by mothers and fathers), then there are foreign names, short ones, long ones, ancient ones, those that take up the names some flowers.

has collected a long list of female names. By clicking on each of the names below you can discover their origin, meaning and curiosity:

  • Agate
  • Agnese
  • Adele
  • Alessia
  • Alice
  • Amber
  • Amelia
  • Anita
  • Anna
  • Anastasia
  • Arianna
  • Assumption
  • Aurora
  • Riviera
  • Barbara
  • Beatrice
  • Bianca
  • Brigida
  • Camilla
  • Carlotta
  • celeste
  • Delilah
  • Dorothy
  • Elena
  • Eliana
  • Elis
  • Elisa
  • Emily
  • Emma
  • Erica
  • Ester
  • Filomena
  • Flavia
  • Gaia
  • Jade
  • Geneva
  • Enjoyment
  • Giorgia
  • Giulia
  • Greta
  • Hope
  • Ilaria
  • Ilene
  • Ines
  • Iris
  • Ludovica
  • Mabel
  • Maddalena
  • Maria
  • Martina
  • Matilda
  • Melissa
  • Mia
  • Michela
  • Monica
  • Morgana
  • Nathalie
  • Noemi
  • Paola
  • Rachel
  • Rebecca
  • Romina
  • Pink
  • Sara
  • Serena
  • Silvia
  • Sofia
  • Susanna
  • Edge
  • Veronica
  • Vittoria

Meaning of the names

The "meaning" is certainly one of the main reasons why parents choose one particular name over another. Unless there is a family name or it has, for whatever reason, an important personal value, mothers and fathers follow their taste but always want to know the meaning of the name they will give to their child. 

The dictionary of country names and sissy foreigners is really full of names full of important meanings, below is a list of 10 names among the most used in the country, with meaning:

  1. Sofia: from the ancient Greek Sophia, it means “wisdom, wisdom”. Sofia is also the name of the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology.
  2. Geneva: of Welsh origins means white spirit, shining elf
  3. Nicole: of Greek origin, it means "victorious over the people" or "victorious over the people".
  4. Greta: variant of the name Margherita, it means pearl, precious person.
  5. Emma: of Germanic origin, linked to the diminutive of longer names starting with ermen, it is to be considered as "universal", "total". But she too "valiant, industrious, nurse"
  6. Matilde: from Germanic, it means strong warrior or powerful in battle.
  7. Noemi: of Hebrew origin, it means "my joy", "my joy", but also "sweetness".
  8. Sara: name of Hebrew origin, it means princess or lady
  9. Alice: of Germanic origin, creature of the sea or woman of noble appearance
  10. Giulia: name of Latin origin, it means "descended from Jupiter" or is "devoted to Jupiter"

Girl names starting with A

We now suggest a list of beautiful baby girl names, el country and foreign, starting with the letter A:

  1. Aurora: name of Sabine origin, it means "bright, shining"
  2. Anastasia name of Greek origin that refers to the idea of ​​resurrection and awakening.
  3. Anna: from the Greek it means "grace" or "favor", but it can also be interpreted as "graceful". In the Berber language it means "mother".
  4. Asia: name of Greek origin and means "where the sun rises"
  5. Alyssa: name of Greek origin and means "creature of the sea".
  6. Alessia: name of Latin origin and means "she who protects".
  7. Adele: is a name of Germanic origin and means "noble"
  8. Sould: is a name of Latin origin and means "she who nourishes
  9. Agnese: is a name of Greek origin and means "pure"
  10. Riviera: is a name of Persian origin and means "of the color of the sky"

Girl names that start with the letter B.

Here is a list of 10 baby girl names that, instead, start with the letter B, with origins and meanings:

  1. Brigida: name of Irish origin and means "virtuous"
  2. Benedetta: name of Latin origin, which wishes good. Linked to the figure of Santa Benedetta.
  3. Beatrice: name of Latin origin and means "she who makes you happy"
  4. Brittany: From the English name of Brittany, a region in northwestern France, its literal meaning is "little Brittany".
  5. Bella: name of Latin origin and means "beautiful, graceful"
  6. Berenice: name of Greek origin and means "she who brings victory"
  7. Bianca: name of German origin and means "luminous, brilliant"
  8. Belinda: of uncertain origin, it can mean "beautiful" or "soft, tender"
  9. Belen: of Hebrew origin it means "house of bread". It is a feminine Spanish name and in el paeseno can be translated as Bethlehem
  10. Bianca Maria: it is a compound name. Bianca, of Germanic origin means "bright" and Maria, of Hebrew-Aramaic origin, means "beloved".

Girl names that start with C.

Now let's move on to the letter C. Here is a list of 10 names for girls, el country and foreign, starting with this letter:

  1. Caterina: name of Greek origin which means "pure"
  2. Light blue: Latin name, it means "came from heaven" or "inhabitant of heaven". 
  3. Clarissa: name of Latin origin means "shining, brilliant"
  4. Chiara: name of Latin origin, it means "bright, pure"
  5. Comfort: name of Spanish origin which means "consolation"
  6. Clizia: name of Greek origin, it means "very well known, famous"
  7. Camilla: Phoenician or Etruscan origin. It comes from the Latin cognomen Camillus, meaning girl
  8. Cassandra: name of Greek origin, it means "to triumph"
  9. Carla: of Germanic origin, it means "free person"
  10. Chloe: comes from the Greek and means "sprout, seedling"

Girl names starting with D.

Here, now, is a list of 10 names starting with the letter D to put to a girl:

  1. Desiree: from the French, variant of Desiderata, derives from the Latin and means, in fact, "desired"
  2. Donatella: as Donata it has Latin origin and means "gift of God, given as a gift"
  3. Domitilla: name of Latin origin that derives from the cognomen of the gens 'Domitia', it means 'docile, tender'.
  4. Dora: of Greek origin, it means "gifts"
  5. Dorothy: a name of Latin origin which means "beloved beloved"
  6. Diana: derives from the Latin. Diana was the goddess of daylight or clear skies
  7. Daphne: comes from the Greek and means "laurel". Daphne was the nymph loved by Apollo and transformed into a laurel.
  8. Denise: has Greek origin and means 'consecrated to Dionysus', (another name of the god Bacchus)
  9. Delilah: Hebrew name, it means delicate, loving and light, or with long flowing hair, or thin, or miserable, poor.
  10. Debora: name of Hebrew origin, it means "bee".

Original female names

For moms and dads who want to give their girls an unusual name, here is a list of original, rare and beautiful names to give to a girl:

  1. Isolde: name of French origin that refers to the protagonist of Tristan and Isolde
  2. Electra: of Greek origin means shining, brilliant.
  3. Sibilla: comes from the Greek and probably means "who makes the word of God known"
  4. The bride: from the Latin mirari "to admire", but it can also be considered a variant of Mary.
  5. Aphrodite: goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, sensuality
  6. Nausicaa: mythological name, it means boat. 
  7. Nilde: means "warrior", derives from the ancient Saxon Hilde.
  8. Elvira: derives from the Hebrew Elbirah and its meaning is 'temple of God'.
  9. Dory: ancient Greek name which means "native, coming from Doride", a region of ancient Greece
  10. Iris: name of Latin origin which meant "messenger of the gods", today it is linked to the figure of the rainbow.
  11. Indira: one of the most beautiful Indian names in India, it means "beauty"

Short female names

There are parents looking for short names for their upcoming baby girl. The reasons may be different: maybe the surname is already very long, or you want to avoid diminutives, giving your little one an immediate, direct name. Below is a list of 10 short female names:

  1. Ada: name of German origin, it means "the beautiful" and "adorned by the lord".
  2. Being: variant of Beatrice, means "she who makes you happy"
  3. Cora: variant of Corinna, means "girl, young girl".
  4. Elsa: variant of Elizabeth, Elisa, means God is fullness, God is seven (number of perfection)
  5. Iole: also in the variants Jole and Yole, it means "Purple".
  6. My: Scandinavian origins, diminutive of Maria, means princess, but also of Arab origin with the meaning of "water"
  7. Pink: derives from the Latin and means "rose", as one of the most loved flowers
  8. Sole: Greek and Latin origin, name inspired by the sun
  9. Mileage: Gaelic origins, means "star", "savior and deliverer"
  10. Zoé: from the Greek, it means "life"

Beautiful but uncommon female names

We finish our dictionary of female names and country and foreigners with a list of beautiful but uncommon female names that are worth brushing up on, going beyond the great classics, as these names, as well as beautiful in sound, are also rich in meaning. Here are 10 examples:

  1. Clara: ancient name, it means "clear, bright"
  2. Sibilla: mythological name, it means "manifestation of the divine will"
  3. Luisa: feminine form of the name Luigi, it means "famous warrior"
  4. Abigail: name of Hebrew origin, means "God is joy"
  5. Dalia: means "branch"
  6. Ester: name of the young Jewish woman who married Ahasuerus, king of Babylon, means "star"
  7. Judith: name that was given to exiled Jewish women., means "praised"
  8. Micol: name of Hebrew origin means "Who is equal to God?"
  9. Miriam: a biblical variant of the name Maria, means "princess"
  10. Ariel: Hebrew name means "gift of God"
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