Disorders of pregnancy: here are the home remedies

by Ingrid Busonera

There are several home remedies and natural methods that help us fight all those small ailments and pains typical of gestation without rushing to the pharmacy and stuffing ourselves with useless and potentially harmful drugs for the health of our little one and why not, to prepare our body for childbirth. .

There are many ailments that often torment pregnancy, from nausea, which can be easily combated with simple changes to eating habits or with the help of homeopathy, from back pain to flatulence, and we very often look for a foothold in classic medicines. ', without knowing that they exist natural remedies without contraindications as effective as medicines.

How to prevent back pain in pregnancy

Insomnia grips us, now sleeping has become a real "nightmare" and at night, before falling asleep, we don't count sheep but real sheepfolds, but despite all the sleep it doesn't seem to arrive and even when we are particularly tired, they do distressing thoughts to torment us that prevent us from falling into the arms of Morpheus .. what to do? Let's try to take a nice warm bath (not too much) and dissolve an essential oil of valerian or lemon balm with a relaxing effect in the water; when we go to visit we ask the gynecologist if in the tormented evenings we can drink a homemade herbal tea prepared in a herbalist shop as follows: 40 g of valerian, 20 g of hops, 20 g of passionflower, 20 g of lemon balm, 2 0 g of anise and 15 g of orange blossom, all mixed in 250 ml of boiling water and left to infuse for about 10 minutes; after which we lie down in bed and, and if we attend a birth preparation course and have learned the breathing methods, we implement what we have learned and concentrate trying to perceive the movements of the baby and to concentrate on it


Useful things in pregnancy

Photos of the items a pregnant woman should own and always have

Backache: often the cause of back pain is incorrect posture, let's talk to the gynecologist who will advise us how to perform certain movements, how to bend down, how to bend, etc., in order to reduce the strain and weight on the spine; if possible we attend a Yoga course, which with targeted exercises and postural education, allows us to enjoy benefits for the back by fighting pain and discomfort. If we attend the childbirth preparation course, this problem will certainly also be treated and we may be advised to perform pelvic rotations or other pelvic floor exercises, also useful for back pain. Even the heat can help, the gynecologist can advise us as homemade methods, to get us a sheepskin to apply over the painful part or a nice hot water bottle and finally some bags containing cherry stones to heat and put down. always on the point that it hurts us

How much and how the belly grows during the nine months

Varices: the gynecologist for this problem, will first of all advise us to wear tightening tights and to do some moderate physical activity, always considering our condition of "belly"; at home it can give us relief to keep the legs higher than the rest of the body, for example lying on the bed or on the sofa with some pillows under the calves, or to lift the legs and "draw" circles in the air with the feet; if the season allows it and we are not particularly cold, we do cold water sponges on the legs or place the jet of cold water on the legs and calves. The gynecologist may also advise us to apply horse chestnut extract in cream or gel, cold from the refrigerator

Water retention:
even during pregnancy it can happen that the tissues store too much water giving rise to water retention but how to fight it with natural and non-aggressive methods? First of all let's try to slow down the pace, let's relax, let's get away from stress because even this, as strange as it may seem to us, is able to aggravate water retention! If we can, attend an aquatic course for pregnant women or sign up for swimming, prolonged immersion in water helps to combat this disorder. At home we avoid baths in too hot water and instead prefer lukewarm temperatures, which do not aggravate water retention. If we feel heaviness and swelling in the legs and at night we suffer from annoying and painful cramps, the gynecologist may advise us to add foods rich in potassium to the diet, which among other things have a diuretic effect.

Care for your skin to reduce stretch marks

Constipation, flatulence and abdominal bloating:

in these cases we try to consume foods rich in fiber, do some exercise, consume reduced but frequent meals, avoid heavy and elaborate foods, fried, spicy or grilled, preferring grilled slices, boiled meat, light foods

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