Do you want a boy or a girl? How to decide or find out

Do you want a boy or a girl? How to decide or find out

Like having a boy or a girl

How many stories have we heard of couples trying to decide the sex of the child through strange sexual positions or having intercourse depending on the moon? And we want to talk about all beliefs on the observation of pendulums and the shape of the belly to discover the sex of the unborn child?

Speaking with some friends, I have sometimes heard of stories really funny. One with 3 sons was looking at all costs for "methods" to finally get pregnant with a girl ... another, a novice bride, wanted to little boy because the partner wanted the firstborn to be male. Still another wanted a girl to convey all her femininity and love for beauty and fashion. Thus several times we have entered into hot topics such as the sex of the child that will be born and above all how to establish it.

Personally it is a subject that amuses me a lot, I have never had these fixed and talking about them with them gave me a lot of laughs. They even asked me "but how did you do it?" (I specify that I have 2 girls and a boy).
So they told me about their absurd methods that really make you smile, hoping for useful advice to conceive what they want ...


12 ways to choose the sex of the baby

Rumors, legends, old tales and more: here are 12 ways to increase the chances of having a boy or a girl

It seems that having intercourse in one position in which the woman stands on top of her partner you help to conceive a beautiful boy, while if the woman is below she will conceive a girl. It is said that if you conceive while the moon is in the waxing phase it will be a girl while if this is in the waning phase, it will surely be a boy. Even that if you conceive with a fever you will have a boy

How to get pregnant with a son

There are actually scientific methods to actually try to influence the sex of the unborn child: the diet of the mother for example; or again schedule conception before or after ovulation. To try to conceive a child of the desired sex, the woman should implement a particular diet at least two months before conception.

To try to get pregnant with a sissy it should be hyposodium while for a boy hypersodic; in both cases one must rely on the medical eye and be closely monitored because they can cause serious problems such as hypertension, hypercalcemia or kidney failure.

How to get pregnant with a boy

To have a beautiful boy, we therefore eliminate eggs and cheeses and dairy products, we abundantly salt all our dishes and eat meat at will. We drink cola, coffee and tea based drinks excluding those with a high calcium content, milk and all those containing milk. We eat lots of legumes, fresh or dried, potatoes, mushrooms, artichokes and lots of carbohydrates: pasta, rice, cereals, biscuits etc. Among the fruit we prefer bananas, dates, oranges and apricots. Instead, we avoid cocoa, milk chocolate (dark is recommended), hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, lettuce, green beans and spinach.

How to get pregnant with a sissy

To look for the girl instead we will have to follow these precautions: eat absolutely without salt, bread, rice, pasta without salt, eggs, shellfish, fish, avoiding frozen or smoked fish, fresh cheeses and not as long as they are not salty, yoghurt, milk and dairy products in large quantities. We will eliminate coffee, tea and cola and prefer milk-based drinks, apple juice, water rich in calcium. We will eat salad, green beans, carrots, asparagus, cabbage, onions, tomatoes excluding artichokes, celery, mushrooms and spinach. We will have to eat a lot of watermelon and prefer fruit in syrup to fresh fruit, having the foresight to throw the juice and avoiding bananas, peaches, cherries and oranges.
Prunes, chestnuts, dried figs, chocolate and dried apricots are also banned, while green light for bitter cocoa, unsalted peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

Methods for finding out the sex of the unborn child

Methods for discovering sex: to which big belly hasn't happened to be stopped on the street by a perfect stranger who after having freely stroked the belly gives it a "it's a boy, huh? he has a round belly!" or maybe "you can see that it will be a sissy, she is beautiful pointed!" ... and this is the most classic of ways to recognize the sex according to the shape of the belly. I have to admit that in my case, for all three pregnancies, we got it right! Will it be a coincidence or is this method really reliable?

  • Nausea: if you have a lot of nausea it seems that you are expecting a girl while for the boy it seems that these are lighter and less annoying. And here, too, I can say that we got it right! For the girls I had almost 6 months for the 1st pregnancy and 4 for the 2nd with nausea, while for the little one nothing at all but a few sporadic ...
  • Sweet and salty flavors: it is said that the sweet brings the girl and the salty a boy ... here I do not pronounce myself because in reality only in one out of three pregnancies we got it right!
  • Another method according to the Maya is to check the mother's age and the year of conception of the baby. If both are even it will be a girl, if instead one is even and the other is odd it will be a boy.

It goes without saying that these are popular belief methods and have no scientific certainty and the only truly reliable method is the study of the fetal karyotype which reveals if the chromosome is X or Y, since sometimes even the ultrasound is not 100% reliable !!

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