Does running during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage?

Running in pregnancy

Elisabetta Canalis announced with great pain that she had lost the baby she had been carrying in her womb for a few weeks. A miscarriage that is quite common, especially in early pregnancies.

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According to the estimates ofACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) between 10 and 25% of pregnancies would end in miscarriage.

The most frequent cases, about 15%, of termination of pregnancy would occur during the first trimester. Some of these miscarriages are so early that moms-to-be sometimes don't even know they're pregnant.

But what can we do for prevent a miscarriage?
The question arises after the showgirl el paesena a few days ago, while she was pregnant, shared some photographs on social networks that portrayed her while jogging.
And some fans scolded her for it. Some of her accused her of putting too much effort and thinking more about her physical form than the baby she was carrying.
And today in the light of her abortion these photos and comments take on a sinister and disturbing dimension.

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So, you can do physical activity in the first trimester of pregnancy and above all, you can continue on run or is it really putting the baby at risk?

Some gynecologists they are by no means against sports during pregnancy. But if most gynecologists recommend soft sports activities, such as a swim or yoga or an exercise bike, many are against playing sports that are too demanding on the physical level, especially in the first months of pregnancy which are the most delicate ones, those in which the embryo implants in the uterus and pregnancy begins.
It would be better, therefore, to suspend the race also to avoid the risk of falling.

But what can the risks related to running in pregnancy? During this type of sporting practice, two conditions occur that can potentially be harmful to the fetus: an increase in heart rate while running and a rise in body temperature.

In other words, as a precaution, it would be preferable to abandon too intensive training during pregnancy to make room for safer and less heavy sports, and then resume more serious activities and training after childbirth.

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And to runners who do not want to interrupt, perhaps because they play the race to professional level, doctors advise to practice only training and only until you feel discomfort, not to run fasting or if you are hungry, and to stop searching for records or training to participate in competitions.
Finally the advice is to suspend in the third quarter when the weight of the belly becomes difficult to support and replace running with swimming or cycling.

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Sports in pregnancy

Photos of pregnant women gracefully practicing a variety of sporting activities

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