Does the baby remember the sounds perceived in the baby bump?

Does the fetus remember the sounds of the uterus?

Look Who's Talking…

The gunshots around us prevent us from hearing but the human voice is different from other sounds and can be heard above the noises that bury it, even when it's not screaming, even if it's just a whisper. The faintest whisper can be heard above the armies when he speaks the truth.
(Dal film “The Interpreter”)

Have you always wondered what happens in the belly of a future mother? Come closer, we reveal a secret: inside there is a whole world… to be discovered! So, do it today with us! First, one of the main things to know is that the fetus is able to perceive external sounds. It has been scientifically proven on a group of newborn babies who were tested by a medical team by means of an electroencephalogram. The result was exhaustive: the human brain in the fetal stage is in the auditory learning stage. This means that already in the embryonic stage it is possible to prevent or even cure some language deficits, such as dyslexia.

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In fact, based on scientific research, it has been established that the sounds perceived by the fetus in the maternal uterus have a great power, that is they are able to influence brain development and language skills. Are you eager to know when your baby will start hearing your voice? We whisper it to you and quietly pass the word on to your pregnant friends: already starting from twenty-seventh week of gestation! Our advice? Talk softly to your little one: she will blissfully listen to you in the belly. In this way, his auditory cortex will become more sensitive and stimulate the growth of the nervous system. Thus, your baby he will recognize your voice in his womb. 

Remember that the environment in which he lives is already rich in sounds, because the heartbeat, the flow of blood and the noises of the stomach and intestines create a real acoustic background. In fact, right from the start, the fetus recognizes all digestive and heart noises and subsequently the voice of the parents. Hence, it is very important to talk to the baby, because that way, in the baby bump, he will have all the time he needs to memorize the sounds dear to him, and then recognize them after birth. In fact, it is through the body that voices and music from the outside world will reach your little one and if you want to find out how and what he feels, we suggest you do a little test: relax in the bathtub, immerse your ears in the water and listen to everyone. the noises around you. Surely, you will feel them very muffled. And this is more or less how your little one will warn them: muffled. Obviously, it is good to avoid exposing the fetus to too loud sound stimuli, mostly in order not to disturb it. Remember one very important thing: hearing is very sensitive, so a sudden or too intense noise could cause an acceleration of the heartbeat and make the little one agitate.


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A suggestion? Dear future mothers, when you instinctively caress your belly, know that you are already talking with the life that is in you. It is a natural gesture that attests to what has been stated so far, that is, during intrauterine existence, the fetus senses and reacts to external stimuli, so if you are happy or unhappy, it will sense your mood. Then, no more sulking, get yourself a smile at your fingertips and sing him a song every now and then. Your voice will be his first musical experience. It will be like a caress on the skin. If you don't feel like it, don't worry: let your child listen to soft music, a harmonious melody, but above all talk to him with love... Thus, you will be able to give him the first wonderful maternal teaching: the sense of happiness.


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