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What to do and not to do in pregnancy

The moment of pregnancy always confronts women with doubts about what whether or not it is possible to do. There is no area in which these doubts do not enter at least once and so I would like to try to clarify with you what can and what cannot be done or in any case it is better to avoid doing.

Everything that I am going to write is related exclusively to a pregnancy that proceeds in a manner physiological, for any other condition that involves a greater risk it is good to strictly follow the instructions given by the treating gynecologist.


10 things NOT to do when pregnant

Here is a short list of things best avoided during pregnancy

First month

  • What can be done and what cannot be done

il first month of pregnancy in reality it usually goes by without the woman knowing that she is pregnant. In fact, by calculating the gestational months from the moment of the last menstruation, the end of the first month coincides with the lack of the cycle, therefore with the discovery of pregnancy. In this month the only advice I can give you is if you are looking for a baby and therefore you suspect that there may be a pregnancy in progress, avoid all those behaviors that can be at risk, so moderate physical activity, varied nutrition, no alcohol or smoking.

Second month

  • What can be done

after the discovery of the pregnancy it is allowed to continue the normal work activity. It is allowed to eat everything while maintaining a varied diet and being careful not to overdo it with complex foods. It is allowed, under the supervision of a specialized doctor, to carry out vaccinations specifications that were not made before pregnancy. It is allowed to travel freely on any means of transport. As a physical activity it is best to limit yourself to simple walking or swimming but not too long and tiring.

  • What can not be done

avoid starting or continuing intense physical activities for the time being. Taking medications without medical supervision first three months of pregnancy it is much more risky than in the rest of the pregnancy. The teratogenic and unknown effects of drugs can also cause serious harm to the baby or even miscarriages. This also applies to homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicine, it is always necessary to consult a doctor. It is advisable not to travel to places where complex vaccination prophylaxis is required, with large doses, which could harm the child. If you carry out work at risk of biological contagion or with chemical substances, it is always necessary to change duties to prevent malformations or damage to the child.

Third month

  • What can be done

A varied diet (with the exception of those who have a negative Toxoplasmosis test, we will talk about it later), even intense work as long as you do not expose yourself to chemical-physical-biological dangers or risks.

  • What can not be done

If toxoplasmosinegativa, avoid eating raw meat and fish, sausages and cured meats; the fruit and vegetables must be washed thoroughly. Leave the task of changing the cat litter box to another person precisely because toxoplasmosis is transmitted by the feces of infected cats. Continue to avoid very intense physical activities.

Fourth month

  • What can be done

The greatest risk for miscarriage has ended and the trimester in which you have the most freedom of action begins. It is possible to restart or start a light physical activity if you have not practiced sports before pregnancy (walking, yoga, light swimming) or even of moderate intensity if you are already trained; pay attention that the courses are specially designed for pregnant women. Go out for dinner, travel freely on any means of transport.

  • What can not be done

Who plays a shift work he will have to be exempt from the night shift (employers know they have to find another type of employment there or avoid night shifts). Avoid excessive physical strain on the back and pelvic floor muscles as much as possible.

Fifth month

  • What can be done

in general, everything that has already been done in the previous months can be done. Working, going out for dinner, traveling, moderate physical activity specifically dedicated to pregnancy.

  • What can not be done

start limiting the periods of prolonged standing, then take repeated breaks of even a few minutes.

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Sixth month

  • What can be done

everything that has previously been done. It is also physiological that you feel the need to prepare the whole setting, the environment where the child will stay. So it is allowed to help or assist in the assembly of the bedroom and various accessories, go shopping and even moving as long as the heavier jobs are left to others.

  • Cwhat can't be done

with the exception of physical fatigue, if you feel well, you can do everything.

Seventh month

  • What can be done

Physical activity suitable for the month of pregnancy, perhaps favoring those activities that allow you to experiment with comfortable positions in preparation for childbirth. It is usually the period in which the preparation course begins and therefore the notions and information relating to the last periods of pregnancy. It is permissible to ask any questions that come to your mind to those who assist you. If we are in the summer it is allowed to go to the swimming pool or to the spa.

  • What can not be done

avoid seeking medical-scientific information in the stories of friends and relatives. They will all be inclined to tell you their difficult or very easy parts. Remember that each of us has a different obstetric history from the others, and even each pregnancy of the same woman is different. Limit very long journeys with means of transport such as the train that does not allow you to make stops.

Eighth month

  • What can be done

Working is still possible if you feel like it but you need to reduce the standing time in an upright position and take breaks of 5-10 minutes every two hours. The same goes for excessive sedentary lifestyle, every two hours 5-10min in which to walk a little. It is possible to continue air travel with durations of around 7-8 hours but even in this case it is necessary during the flight to stretch your legs every hour and a half to help circulation. It is also allowed to start preparing the birthing bag with everything you need for you and your baby

  • What can not be done

reduce physical exertion to the minimum possible, avoid removals and heavy work. If it were possible, it would be advisable to have help around the house that can help her keep it in order. Avoid long journeys by car, or if forced to make them, stop at least an hour every 2-3 hours of travel and in any case whenever you feel the need.

Ninth month

  • What can be done

going out for dinner every now and then with relatives and friends before giving birth. Very limited and light physical activity is possible even until the last day but favor walking, swimming and anything that helps circulation and relaxation. Feeding can be free as in all pregnancy

  • What can not be done

avoid long journeys by car and plane (airlines often don't board women in the ninth month). Finishing work is time to think only about childbirth and the birth of the baby.

Avoid strenuous work and heavy housekeeping as much as possible. Avoid long sleepless nights as much as possible, there is a need to regain energy to spend on childbirth and baby care.

I would like to conclude with something that I highly recommend all moms do ... enjoy their pregnancy. It is an unrepeatable period, full of both positive and negative sensations, but rich that must be lived to the full because it will change your life.

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