Drawings to give to mom

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Designs for Mother's Day

Children love to draw and for them give a drawing to mom it is a precious gift. THE drawings for Mother's Day they are among the best memories to keep for every mother. The childish trait, the tenderness of the scenes and the portraits of princesses warm the heart of every parent even after many years. The designs are among the simplest proposals for a chore on the occasion of theMother's Day, but also the most popular. While leaving the spontaneity to children, we can look for some original ideas to present them.

Mother's Day drawings for children

For the realization of the drawings for the Mother's Day we can suggest to the children to represent themselves with the mother, but it is a good memory if they include in the drawing the rest of the family too. Based on the age of the children, we can recommend drawing a day spent together, a daily scene such as breakfast or the family playing in the park. Mom will like to see how her baby wants to represent her. Is it a working mom? Is it a mom who cooks good cakes? Is it a mom playing?


Crafts and cards for Mother's Day

Lots of ideas for crafting and cards for Mother's Day

Coloring pages for Mother's Day

Younger children can color a picture as a Mother's Day gift. As a subject we can propose a choice between several family scenes among which the child will choose the one he likes best. It could be a coloring picture that depicts a stylized family, a house or a mother from the animal world with her puppy.

How to frame a design for Mother's Day

The easiest way to frame a children's drawing is to create a frame with cardstock. With a little imagination we can create some nice jobs simply by changing the size of the paper that children use to draw.

For example we can:

  • create a bookmark with the design of the mother and the child
  • make a small book of drawings for mother's day
  • draw only the face of the mother to be glued on the certificate of merit
  • create a cardboard house with the family design inside
  • build a kitchen board with the family drawing
  • prepare a plaque with the picture and the names of all the family to hang on the door. 

Easy designs for mom

Small children can take felt-tip pens or brushes and paints and draw their mother simply following their imagination: you will be amazed at how many hearts, flowers and suns will animate this drawing. The older ones can create a more elaborate design. On the net there are many sites with collections of coloring pages ready to be printed. We can find designs for Mother's Day on the site, and others.

Cards with designs for Mother's Day

Any ideas to create original cards, where children's drawings are the absolute protagonists? Here are some ideas.

  • A beaded card: Have the children draw colorful flowers to their liking and then decorate them together with beads. If you want you can also use glitter, glitter and colored ribbons.
  • A coloring card: offers many templates all to be printed, cut and colored to create very easy cards for mom

You work with the designs for Mother's Day

In fact, there is no more welcome gift than a nice card drawn by children, perhaps with a phrase written by them or a delicious homemade job.

  • Mammaacs offers an original picture with trees made with the handprints of mother and son and then lots of flowers to decorate designed by children.
  • And for the mother who receives many drawings from her children, it can be fun to create a frame for the most beautiful drawings, as described in Bimbi Creativi.
  • Children's handprints can become anything from a flower to the sun. So let's indulge the imagination by creating jobs with the prints of the little hands all colored and then let the little ones complete the drawing by perfecting it with markers or watercolors.
  • And the most beautiful drawing dedicated to the mother could also become one American placemat for breakfast. The mother will love to sip her coffee on a unique and absolutely original placemat, where the protagonists are the drawings of the little ones. Just have the children draw their mom on an A4 sheet and then laminate it.

Poems with drawings for Mother's Day

Children's drawing can be just the first step in making a DIY gift for mom. On the back of the sheet, or even on the same side if the children are older and are able to organize the spaces that contain drawings and text, you can write or print a poem for the mother.

proposes a delightful card with a bouquet of flowers to print and color which can be completed by the poem "A bouquet of love" suitable for first and second children.

Mum by Roberto Piumini

Two arms that embrace me,

two lips kissing me,

two eyes looking at me,

and hands that caress

and I smell good

and I feel a nice taste:

mom is

this for me

and much more:

mom is a very sweet lady.


In this video tutorial MammAcs explains how to make a pop up card with a flower for Mother's Day. A simple job that will give a lot of satisfaction to the little artists and a lot of joy to the mother.

Colored drawing of Mom

Maybe the children prefer to color a picture that depicts the mother and the love she feels for her children. On the Net we can find different, from the easiest to the most difficult: just print it and let the children color it as they like.

Cards for Mother's Day

We can create simple tags, such as labels, to be printed, personalized and on which to write romantic thoughts for mum that we could distribute around the house (imagine mum's joyful expression when she finds the labels hidden all over the place) . But we can also draw inspiration from Pinterest to make nice and original colored cards.

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