Dreams in pregnancy

Dreaming in pregnancy

Sleeping in pregnancy. Sometimes we sleep a lot and often, even during the day. Sometimes you can't sleep, you can't find the right position and often you have strange dreams.

The expectant woman often experiences a conflict between two opposite tendencies: the growth and regression. If, on the one hand, pregnancy is an experience of maturation and transition to a more adult phase of life, on the other hand it is a period in which childhood reminders and suggestions occur. Psychology explains these regressive tendencies by the need for identify with the child who is about to be born. The dreams that are made during pregnancy are often rich in symbolic contents related to childhood and birth, but not only that and the relationship between REM sleep and NON-REM sleep also changes. The REM stage is the one in which we dream and in the adult it occupies about 19% of the sleep period; in pregnant women it occurs in approximately 50% of the total sleep period, exactly as in the fetus and newborn.

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During pregnancy, then there are many problems that a woman must face and process often for the first time, the fear of the unknown, separation and loss, the transformation of our body, the mystery of birth. And there are many dreams that address these issues.

  • A typical dream is the loss of a tooth. The teeth are part of us, but at the same time it happens that they are lost, our body knows it, like when it has lost its milk teeth, ready for new teeth. Our unconscious thus faces the problem of childbirth, the child that we have grown inside of us, cared for, loved as a part of us, it must separate from us, it must be born, to become another human being.
  • The theme ofother also recurs in other typical dreams of pregnancy: dreaming of give birth to animals or strange and deformed beings it does not indicate bad omens but fears, and the work of the unconscious that elaborates the mystery and the "strangeness" of another body that grows and develops within us.
  • On the other hand, dreaming of the fetus' feet or hands emerging from our body reminds us that the same body he can cope with the incredible transformations pregnancy and childbirth.

Dreaming of being pregnant

  • The situation is different for those who are not expecting a baby but dream of images related to pregnancy. Pregnancy in a dream is an image of great power that must be connected to a probable one "fecundity" of the dreamer, to be open and receptive to what life brings, and to have the ability to process and transform experiences for one's own well-being and maturation. Dreaming of pregnancy is very common and generally is linked to the psychic evolution of the dreamer who heralds one new maturity which is taking shape and giving access to a new phase of existence.
  • For Freud and Jung, pregnancy heralded a renovation in the life of the dreamer and also a sacrifice of aspects related to the past. Jung in particular felt in his womb an image of the "eternal child" and his potential for renewal.  
  • Pregnancy can then, more simply, indicate the real desire for a child, or rather, represent the maturation of the body, lo click of a biological clock, almost a physical need to live this experience considered an expression and completion of femininity. Women who have reached the age of 28 to 35 often have these dreams. It can also be the dreamer's desire to express itself, and therefore seeing herself pregnant can reflect the dreamer's great and real desire to have a child, but generally the child in the womb, more than a new human being, represents something new: a project, something imagined or planned, expected and sought after that is taking shape or is changing. For this reason, dreams of this type can also reach men. 

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