Dressing up the twins: choosing the same or different clothes?

To dress un neonate or child it is definitely one of the most important things funny e creative that can happen to a young woman mum. Enter the field i tastes personal, the fashion, budget available and the sex of the small or small from primp. But when it comes to dress up the twins the question of complicates and the main question is: to dress them equal o different?

You are mothers of gemelli, a pair or even of more? Surely you have asked yourself this interrogative many times in pregnancy. There certainly isn't one response exact, but you can choose three ways and from then on indulge yourself.

For those who have children of sex different obviously the solution and much more simple. You can decide to dress up the twins so completely different, like two simple fratelli, Buy rompers interchangeable, but still with signs badges, or buy models similar, but purely male o female: for example, a full a la seafaring, but on the one hand shorts and on the other a beautiful one skirt pleated.

Other speech to do instead for dress up the twins the same sex. Here the thing gets complicated. There is the school of thought of clothes equal, especially valid until the two small have measures almost equal. In that case you can have the advantage to buy everything doppio and to be able to use it more easily without having to think about a outfit for each of the little children. It can help, especially with the growth, use the Labels to personalize e to distinguish the garments, which may be the same, but of measures slightly different.

La solution at the other extreme, however, is that of dress up the twins completely different, models, colors, decorations, prints e fantasy diametrically divergent, so that there cannot be fear di confusion among the little ones.

Finally it always remains there solution di mezzo: dressing the "dwarfsIn a similar way. What does it mean? Buying for example the same model with colors, prints, fantasy different. Match i colors in a complementary way: for male twins maybe choose the tone di blue e blu, light green e dark. For twins a pink it's a violet. Or break the suits: two rompers similar but from mix: pants red and jacket blu and the second vice versa. leggings with different patterns but same color as background.

Made the choice we must also think about how to safeguard them a little pockets. Maybe taking advantage of those shops where are the promotions 2 × 3 and you can choose the color or the pattern different for the same garment. And then you are gemelli there are more than two you will be able to teach him how to grow up to merge e to coordinate different colors: they will enjoy a to get dressed with the different pieces of a suit, as parts of a whole, a exchange the Abit becoming a real little "puzzle"Living.

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