Driving a car when pregnant

by Barbara Muscionico

We are used to using the car often, for convenience or necessity.
The car allows us to be independent and autonomous ... but can a future mother continue to drive? Yes, if pregnancy does not have particular risks, with small precautions, a little common sense and prudence, everything can continue as before!
Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, in the first trimester, you can feel a sense of drowsiness and exhaustion, so when you start driving it is good to take into account your physical state at that precise moment and the duration of the trip.

Driving a car while pregnant, some tips

It is useful to plan stops every hour and a half of travel to promote circulation in the legs, and try to position the seat belt comfortably. In fact, the Highway Code provides that pregnant women also use car restraint systems and precisely to make it more comfortable to use, there are specific devices on the market that help the expectant mother to feel less pressure on the tummy. Second The art. 172 of the Highway Code, only pregnant women with special risks, if in possession of a medical certificate (to take with you in the car) of your gynecologist who certifies the danger deriving from the use of the seat belts, are exempt from use.

Getting around with various means of transport during pregnancy

In the second trimester, which is defined by many as the quarter of tranquility, the expectant mother feels better, the nausea is over, sleep and fatigue are often a memory. Even in this period driving, if it is to our liking, can be easily done, always remembering to take breaks so as not to tire excessively.
It is especially in the third quarter that there can be a certain difficulty in driving: the baby bump begins to be very bulky and the seat tends to move away from the steering wheel, to the detriment of the posture of the arms which remain in tension.

Also in this case it is important to listen to your body and decide at the moment whether to drive or be accompanied by someone, so as not to tire unnecessarily.


During pregnancy it is good to avoid walking


rugged roads


to limit unnecessary stresses as much as possible, even if the child is well protected by the amniotic fluid that "dampens" the movements of the car.


The general rule, as for all gestation, is to try to learn to listen to your body and to pick up the messages it sends us, reminding us to be prudent in driving and never underestimate our condition: within us we have a marvel to be to protect


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