Dry eyes in pregnancy, causes and remedies

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Dry eyes in pregnancy

Many women report having suffered from dry eyes in pregnancy, but also of discomfort, burning and itching. These are, in fact, quite common ailments. There Dry eye syndrome it is essentially caused by a drop in tear production and this affects the rate of humidity in the eye.

If you suffer from nausea and vomiting, dry eyes could also be caused by some degree of dehydration of the body. Generally the most effective remedies for dry eyes consist of eye drops e Tears (always ask your doctor) to be applied several times a day to relieve the eyes.

Visual disturbances in pregnancy

During the nine months a lot of things happen in the woman's body changes. As for the eyes the curvature of the cornea changes slightly and this causes a slight change in visual parameters. For this reason, many women report a less clear vision even if in reality there is no real decrease in vision.

I hormonal changes occurring in pregnancy, especially the increased levels of progesterone and the near suppression of the levels of androgen hormones, can cause dry eyes, but also other visual disturbances such as burning, hypersensitivity to light, itching.

The most common vision problems in pregnancy are:

  • sticky eyelids in the morning,
  • sore and red eyes,
  • times when you have blurred vision that prompts you to blink several times,
  • feeling of discomfort in the eye which may get worse during the day,
  • hypersensitivity to make-up,
  • difficulty putting on and holding contact lenses.

Typically it is about transient disturbances caused by the hormonal storm and are therefore destined to disappear after childbirth. To remedy the discomfort, you can use natural eye drops or ointments recommended by the doctor.

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Burning in the eyes

Burning eyes can certainly be caused by dry eyes. It can be remedied by using chamomile-based eye drops which perform a soothing action and fight irritation, but it can also be useful to follow some precautions in daily life, for example:

  • don't stare at one screen (pc or television) for too long because this affects how often you are they blink and dryness and burning can get worse. If you work on a computer, plan to take several breaks to rest your eyes;
  • moistening the home environment with humidifiers;
  • do small eyelid massages rotating a finger to encourage tears to flow and moisten the eye,
  • drink at least two liters of water a day,
  • when you go out always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from wind, cold and sun,
  • an integration of Omega-3 may be helpful: make sure you eat at least oily fish at least once a week check with your doctor about taking a supplement.

Pain in the eyes

If you suffer from eye pain it is good to consult your doctor oroculist which will verify that they are not there infections or scars. In some rare cases, in fact, the pain and discomfort can be caused by a damage to the cornea that if not treated properly it could seriously impair vision.

What are the pupils like in pregnancy

How many times have we heard that a pregnant woman can be recognized immediately by her eyes? In fact, a few centuries ago the doctor Jacques Guillemeau declared that eye changes were a symptom of pregnancy because the pupils became smaller, the eyelids seemed drooping and small veins formed in the corners of the eye.

Shiny eyes

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the increase inblood circulation, and therefore of oxygen, throughout the maternal organism causes the skin to become brighter and so do the eyes. In fact, greater hydration and oxygenation mean that the eyes of the pregnant woman, especially in the first weeks, are shinier and shinier.

In addition, while most women experience a decrease in tear production, some experience the opposite effect, which is an increase in tearing that causes the eyes to be shiny and brighter.

See the sparks

I sudden flashes that appear before the eyes should never be underestimated, especially if the phenomenon is repeated with a certain frequency. What could be the causes of the sparks in front of the eyes?

  • An iron deficiency can cause sudden vasospasms that cause lightning,
  • a problem with the retina that is overstressed,
  • pressure changes which are quite common in pregnancy,
  • gestosis: a very serious disorder that must be diagnosed immediately and which has an increase in pressure among its main symptoms.

In many cases see the sparks and then maybe find yourself with a handsome headache it could simply be a symptom of a low sugar. Always keep a snack at hand and do not hesitate to contact the gynecologist and the ophthalmologist if these phenomena occur frequently.

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