Dye in pregnancy: risks and medical advice

Dye in pregnancy: risks and medical advice
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Tint in pregnancy

Dyeing during pregnancy, yes or no? This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions among women expecting a baby. For some, in fact, dye your hair it is a real necessity (due to white regrowth) and giving it up for all 9 months of waiting can really create discomfort. But it really is need to stop resorting to tincture? Is it true that dye in pregnancy can be dangerous for the fetus? Let's try to clarify.

Risks of dye in pregnancy

Le future mothers, during pregnancy they also (rightly) think about their beauty, their skin, having manicured hands and healthy and tidy hair. But one of the main doubts that grips them is: "Can dye be done during pregnancy?". There are women who continue to go to the hairdresser regularly without hesitation and others who choose to live with regrowth (even several centimeters) for all 9 months of pregnancy. The greatest fear of the latter is that the dye, touching the skin, can reach the child, causing irreversible damage. But is it really so? Who is right?

So let's try to understand better what are the risks of dye in pregnancy and if they really exist, relying on the opinions and studies of industry experts.

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Tint in pregnancy, medical opinion

According to most doctors, dye in pregnancy would be best avoided. This because the skin is an area of ​​high absorption and, consequently, the chemicals contained in the dye, first of all ammonia, can reach the fetus. Although we have never heard of any cases of genetic malformations or fetal problems of various kinds generated by a hair dye, gynecologists advise to avoid or, in any case, to use vegetable products e free of ammonia. The chemical agents contained by this compound, in addition tostrong smell that they emanate at the time of applying the dye, in fact, could prove to be toxic or, in any case, annoy the pregnant woman whose sense of smell, as we know, is particularly sensitive during pregnancy (especially in the first months).

Dye in pregnancy without ammonia

Who just can't do without the dye in pregnancy, because of that unsightly white re-growth, however, can rely on dyes without ammonia. By now, almost in all hair styling shops, they are available vegetable tinctures, which still allow you to obtain a perfect result without any risk to the fetus. Also henna it is a natural solution without any dangers for the baby.

Tint in the first quarter

The most scrupulous doctors advise avoid the classic dye with ammonia for all 9 months of pregnancy, but there is also another current of thought, that according to which the color can be done after the first quarter. In fact, in the first 12 weeks of gestation, the baby develops the organs, muscles, hair follicles, vocal cords and many other functional parts of his little body. These are the most delicate months - every pregnant woman knows - in which particular attention must be paid to many aspects (including tint). A pinch of extra precaution doesn't hurt though, so it's better to use caution even in the second and third trimesters. In any case, the advice is to speak directly with your gynecologist to understand what your opinion is and act accordingly.

Sunstrokes in pregnancy

There is no risk, however, in speaking of sunburn in pregnancy. Indeed, this may be another safe alternative to dye without ammonia. The sunstrokes, in fact, do not touch the skin and, therefore, are not at all dangerous for the fetus.

How to cover white hair in pregnancy

cover white hair in pregnancy, therefore, the solutions are not lacking and we list them below to put an end to any doubts of future mothers:

  • dye without ammonia
  • henna
  • sunstrokes
  • tint with ammonia (only from the second trimester if the gynecologist agrees)

Color brands for use in pregnancy

If pregnancy keeps you still in bed or if, for any other reason, you want to try a dye without ammonia, safe for the fetus, directly at home, there are many brands of hair dyes to use during pregnancy available in perfumeries and, often, even in the supermarket. L'Oreal Cream Gloss hair dye (without ammonia), Antica Erboristeria Herbatint (Ammonia-free hair dye), Testanera Oil Palette, Garnier olia (Ammonia-free hair coloring) are some of them.

Also online, on the main e-commerce sites, it is possible to find hair dyes without ammonia and chemical agents dangerous for the fetus, just a click away. Sanotint is one of these, a dye without ammonia, based on millet and other plant extracts. An alternative to the dyes recommended above can be henna and nettle hair dye Herbal Time (also available online); available in different colors, this henna product is free of ammonia, sulfates and parabens. 

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