Easter: virtual postcards and greeting phrases

Easter: virtual postcards and greeting phrases
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Easter greetings for children

For Easter we send greetings to distant relatives and friends using virtual postcards and the most beautiful phrases. To send Easter greetings to those you love, just write a few affectionate words to send via SMS or WhatsApp or choose a postcard to send by e-mail. One click is enough, it costs nothing, but gives a smile to those who receive it !!

For those who prefer a written message to be sent by sms, here are some of them together with some Easter-themed poems, from which to take inspiration, if the imagination fails!

Easter messages for WhatsApp or Sms

  • Maybe I will seem devoid of any form of originality but you well know that I don't like frills. The simplest words are the most beautiful: "Happy Easter!"
  • Don't be afraid when you open your Easter egg, a chick will come out that wishes you health, love and serenity! Happy Easter.

Easter cards to be colored

Easter cards and greetings to color and print for children

  • I wanted to be the surprise of your egg, but since I was tight I ate all the chocolate. With a "very sweet" hug I wish you a Happy Easter.
  • No egg could contain you ... because you are the biggest surprise there is ... happy Easter love
  • Easter has returned, as the joy in our hearts for this special day.
  • I want to make you a wish as sweet as the chocolate you will eat ... a wish as sweet as you ... Happy Easter
  • I wanted to buy an Easter egg, but I thought of you who are the best gift .. which is not found in an egg, but is inside my heart. Happy Birthday!!
  • This year I found in the egg the same surprise as last year ... your friendship with one more year! Happy Easter!!!
  • If Easter were a magical and colorful brush, surely the world would be more beautiful. But luckily in my world, among the beautiful things, you too are enlightening my life more and more every day.
  • Stay in silence for a moment ... listen to your heart and you will hear an Angel whispering to you: "Happy Easter love!"
  • The wishes are sincere even if the sentences can always seem the same. A warm hug and ... Happy Easter!
  • Easter is a wonderful occasion to rejuvenate in spirit and in hope ... This is what I wish you with great affection
  • The Easter dove will bring you so much serenity and may the risen Jesus watch over you. Best wishes for a peaceful and harmonious Holy Easter.
  • If the sea carried all the good feelings, mine, of deep friendship, would arrive on golden sailing ships, to make you understand how much it cares for you. Happy Easter !
  • May the bells of this morning wake you up with their Argentine sound. HAPPY EASTER
  • In a virtual egg that you can find as a surprise the one that your heart desires most at this moment !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  • May these days of celebration renew trust, hope and joy in you .. With the wish that all your wishes will come true! Happy Easter!
  • With the hope that this Easter will be the beginning of a season of joy, health, success and gratification
  • It's Easter ... the perfect time to wish you much happiness!
  • Happy Easter and best wishes for a wonderful spring.
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Easter poems for children

"Easter, Easter

jump happy and jump happy.

Hear the sound of the bells

she wakes up and sees them golden. "

  • The Angel of Easter

An angel brings everyone a heart,

full of peace, joy and love,

bring happiness to every child,

from the oldest to the smallest,

bring peace where there is war

and also love throughout the earth.

  • Easter nursery rhyme by

From the Easter egg

a chick came out

of orange chalk

with blue beak.

He said: "I'm going,

I start traveling

and I bring to everyone

a great message ".

And whirling

here and there


towns and cities

wrote on the walls,

in the sky and on the ground:

"Long live peace,

down with the war "

  • Chick

A cute newborn chick

reminds you that the sun has already arrived.

He celebrates with you

this sense of peace that exists today.

He came to remember that

in this Easter everything can be renewed.

Peace, love and freedom

Easter will surely bring.

  • Easter poem

The bells ring in celebration

to remind everyone that Easter

it's a holy day to celebrate.

Only love must reign,

everywhere they have to

come the tolls

of these cheerful bells

bearers of hope,

of a sacred message of love,

of joy that will make our hearts reborn!

  • Easter poem in English

Easter day, Easter day

bring me good luck!

Good luck to mummy and daddy!

Good luck to you and me!

Good luck to everyone I see!

Easter poem for children

We offer you the poem by Giovanni Pascoli Olive Sunday

They accomplished in this, tell the birds

the nest (today is the olive tree festival)

of dry leaves, briars, twigs;

the one on the cypress, this one on the laurel,

to the woods, along the brook of a river,

in the shadow moved by a golden flicker.

And they hatch on moss and lichen

staring silently at the crystalline sky,

with sudden heartbeats, if it comes

a buzz of a bee, a vol of a beetle.

And again, a short and easy to learn poem

  • Easter is Peace

A distant sound comes

slight slight, slowly.

Enter sweetly into every heart

As a gift from the Lord.

Everyone is happy

all of them are friends.

With the Passover of the Lord

there is peace in every heart.

Phrases about Easter for children of the first grade

On the site of many useful resources to celebrate Easter in class. In addition to the many jobs, banners, cards and drawings there are also many short poems that can be used to write greetings on cards and postcards. An example:

Surprise eggs,

the swallows and the flowers,

cheer Easter

of vivid colors.

But the most beautiful gift,

best gift,

peace brings him

at the bottom of the heart.

Easter greetings from children

Here are some good wishes for children to write on cards or gifts for grandparents, fathers or cousins:

  • Eggs, chicks and bunnies: Happy Easter to my grandparents!
  • A tiny little bell with its fresh and Argentine voice sways in the blue sky and says to everyone: "RISEN IS JESUS". Happy Easter!
  • From the Easter egg a nice and fluffy little chick came out ... it arrived with a ribbon and a note, and a special wish brought you from your golden angel!
  • I wish you a sweet Easter, full of chocolate eggs, doves and good food, but remember not to overdo it, or you will see your belly burst! Happy Easter!

Funny Easter greetings

On the web we have found some witty phrases that we can use for different cards than usual:

  • Easter arrives when it arrives… but that was Christmas! Oh well, Happy Easter.
  • Christmas with your family and at Easter as you want me!
  • Easter is a huge egg breaking - Andrea G. Pinketts
  • Just for you I bought a gorgeous chocolate egg, it was so perfect that I couldn't resist it. You will have to be satisfied only with good wishes! Happy Easter!

Thoughts on Easter

Qualche little thoughts on Easter to be written on greeting cards, SMS or postcards, including virtual ones:

  • May the light of the risen Jesus disperse the darkness of the heart and spirit! I wish you to always feel that peace that gives serenity
  • Happy Easter, you all welcome this wish, full of hope, full of energy. Life is beautiful if it is new, it is new if it is good, if it is wise, if it is strong, in a word, if it is Christian - Paul VI

Easter greetings, pictures

  • There are Easter e-cards for all tastes in the galleries of. Click and send them to whoever you want
  • On Drogbaster many gifs. animated and glitter images to send or save to create virtual greetings, as well as on the Gif Animate site
  • On Pinterest you will find many images, drawings and photos about Easter.
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