Eighth month of pregnancy, what to do?

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Eighth month of pregnancy

The eighth month of pregnancy is the time when the baby chooses the position to be born, usually with the head down and the butt up.
Since the uterus has increased in volume at least 10 times, you will feel your lungs compress.
During this time there are some women who feel contractions, but this does not necessarily mean that the birth is approaching.
It is time to leave your job if you are working or have not already quit, to dedicate yourself to yourself.

Eighth month of pregnancy, weeks

The eighth month of pregnancy begins at 30 weeks + 5 days and ends at exactly 35 weeks.

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Eighth month of pregnancy, symptoms

  • From this month the navel begins to smooth out
  • Furthermore, a dark line appears on the abdomen that connects the navel to the pubis
  • Colostrum spontaneously comes out of the nipples
  • The pains in the back and abdomen may be intense, because the baby has become very large at this point and the weight rests on the spine. Since the uterus has increased in volume at least 10 times, you will feel your lungs compress.
  • Sleep becomes very difficult, you may wake up all the time from the urge to urinate, the belly can be annoying. Try using a pillow to rest your stomach and try to find time to rest as much as possible.
  • During the eighth month you may hear contractions, if they are not regular, do not worry, but if they do occur at a regular pace, it is good to go to the emergency room.
  • Some expectant mothers suffer from edema: water accumulates under the skin and the feet and legs swell. In this case, it is better to consult your doctor to be sure you do not suffer from pre-eclampsia or gestosis.
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Eighth month of pregnancy, what to do

  • Starting from the 8th month, the woman is entitled to 5 months of maternity leave (2 months before the date of delivery and 3 months after). In the event that the mother gives birth before the expected date, the days of maternity not taken before the birth are added to the 3 months allowed after the birth of the child. If the birth takes place after the expected date, however, the months of postpartum maternity remain unchanged.
  • If there are no risks, the future mother can request the flexibility of maternity, provided for by art. 20 of Legislative Decree 151/2001. It is the possibility granted to the worker to continue working during the 8th month of gestation and to extend the period of maternity leave after childbirth for a number of days equal to those worked during the 8th month. To take advantage of the flexibility, as we read on the INPS website, the worker must obtain medical certificates specifically certifying the absence of risk situations for the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child by the end of the seventh month of pregnancy. 
  • Between the 30th and 32nd week, the mother undergoes the third and final ultrasound scan before delivery, which is used to check the normal growth of the fetus.
  • Starting from the 32nd week, it is possible to undergo fetal flowmetry, a non-invasive and non-mandatory examination, similar to ultrasound, which allows to verify the proper blood circulation of the fetus. It is especially done when there are suspicions of blood flow malfunction, which could complicate delivery.

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